If you are good with colors then decorating a kitchen should be a piece of cake. Some colors are very lovely to use but when put aside with other colors they turn out horrible. Imagine yellow kitchen curtains with pink rugs. It would turn out to be a complete disaster no matter how great your kitchen design is. One of the two most beautiful colors put together are white and maroon, or black and maroon. A kitchen would look spectacular in Maroon cabinets and white curtains.

Your kitchen cabinets should be of dark colors. Something like dark brown or maroon would be great. If you are a professional designer you will realize why it is preferred to have darker kitchen cabinets than lighter ones. There are several reasons such as making them easier to clean. Since there are top cabinets and bottom cabinets there are many, which can make it a bit tiring to clean. They are also better looking. If you notice old kitchen designs consist of white or light colored cabinets, but the new modern designs consist of darker colors.

Your curtains can be of any color you like. Almost anything will go great with maroon. Black and white are the most recommended. Unfortunately, people consider black a dull and boring color for kitchen curtains. It's no problem, white is also another great option. There are many other colors that will look good with dark cabinets. It doesn't have to be white or black. It could even be yellow or pink. It's all up to a person's taste.

A beautiful kitchen needs the right colors to stay beautiful. Since the kitchen is the area where people cook food in, it's best they don't use the lightest colored kitchen accessories. A kitchen continuously gets dirty and needs continuous cleaning. A lot of times accidents happen and we get stains on the cupboards and walls. This is why it's important that people don't use colors that allow filth to appear obviously. Dark colors like maroon are also more attractive then any light colors.