Don't expect everything to work out perfectly right when you get married. There will be many issues and times of conflict and among those many tribulations will be possible confrontations and/or disagreements between you and your spouse's in-laws. This is natural. You may come from a different type of family and have a different upbringing in which you practice different values and beliefs about certain things. The most important to do, is not bad mouth or bash your spouse's family as this will only create more problems and alienate your spouse from you. Read on to learn how to develop chemistry and a solid relationship with your second family.

You must exhibit a grea deal of patience if you want your relationship with your spouse's in-laws to be a success. If you and your spouse's in-laws don't click from the beginning then don't fret. Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to something like this. Give it time when it comes to relating to your spouse's in laws. It won't happen right away. You have to give them time to warm up to you and get to know you better and you have to learn more about them and get to know what kind of family they are before the bonding takes place.

Show respect for any beliefs or hobbies that your spouse's in laws may partake in. Don't be so judgmental. Everybody is different in their own ways and has their own values and beliefs. If there is someone on his or her side of the family who does things a little different from you or your family, then it's important for you to still respect them and their thinking. Don't be overly open about your disagreements with the way things are done on your spouse's side of the family. This will only cause a argument or disagreements.


Try to find ways to relate and  to your spouse's side of the family and things that you may have in common with them. You may like doing something that just about everyone on your spouse's side of the family enjoys partaking in. You never know until you do some exploring and see what you and your spouse's family have in common. For example, maybe your spouse's uncle likes football like you do or maybe your sister in law is into reading the same types of books that you enjoy.

Lastly, be committed to using your spouse to connect with your family. Your spouse is going to be the focal point in you being able to find some type of connection with his or her side of the family. You and your spouse should understand that the two of you are a independent couple and have to make decisions based on whats best for the two of you. If you do have conflicts with your spouse's in-laws, express to your spouse how you are feeling and discuss possible ways to come to a median point so that everyone is happy.

These tips will help you deal with any issue and relate to your spouse's side of the family. Good Luck!