For those about to take the plunge and get hitched, or for those who are already married, below is a list of interesting marriage facts that may apply to you, or may just shock you. Either way, there are definitely some interesting facts, figures and history when it comes to the traditional marriage union.

Interesting Marriage Facts

The word ‘marriage’ comes from the Latin word ‘mas’ which means ‘male’ or ‘masculine’.

Traditionally, bridesmaids would be dressed in a dress similar to the bride to confuse rival suitors, evil spirits and robbers.

The average amount of times a married couple has sex is 58 times in a year. That is 4.8 times in a month, or 1.1 times a week.

At traditional Italian weddings, the bride and groom both break a glass, with the number of shards of glass representing how many happy years of marriage they will have.         

In the United States, the states of Nevada, Maine, and Oklahoma have the highest percentage of divorced adults. In Arkansas and Oklahoma there is the highest rate of people who have been married at least three times. The state of Washington D.C. has the lowest marriage rate in the United States.

Nearly 90 per cent of couples experienced decrease in martial satisfaction after the birth of their first child.

Over 40 per cent of marriagesin the United States. include at least one spouse who has been married before.

Marriages that breakdown while a person is diagnosed with cancer have been shown to not live as long as cancer patients who are widowed, have strong marriages, or who have never been married.

Marriage was extremely important in acncient times. For example, in ancient Greece, Solon (638-538 B.C.) contemplated making marriage compulsory, while in Athens under Pericles (495-429 B.C.), bachelors were excluded from certain public jobs. And again, in ancient Rome, Augustus (63 B.C.-A.D. 14) passed drastic laws compelling people to marry and penalized those who remained single.

A marriage is sealed with a kiss because in ancient Rome a kiss was a legal bond that was used to seal contracts, and at that time, a marriage was seen as a contract between two families for secuity and wealth.

In the United States, children who survive cancer are 20 to 25 per cent less likely to marry compared ot their siblings.

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On average, a married couple with work, hobby, family and home responsibilities and commitments, only spend four minutes a day alone together.

One in three American marriages are classified as 'low sex' or 'no sex' marriages.

Trust is considered the most crucial element for a happy marriage, followed by friendship, laughter, forgiveness, compatiblility, and sex.

Over 75 per cent of couples who get married from an affair will eventually divorce.

Close to 60 per cent of couples have had an affair. Most affairs occur with the ages of 25 and 39. 

Nearly 60 per cent of married adults have had at least one affair.

Roughly 85 per cent of couples engage in premarital sex.

More than 2 in 5 Catholics marry outside their church. That is twice as many than there was in the 1960s.

Polls conducted through the magazine New Woman’s Day and AOL Living found that 72 per cent of women who were surveyed have thought about leaving their husbands at some stage.

A person chances of become obese increase by 37 per cent if their spouse is obese.

Married people are twice as likely to go to church as unmarried people.

As many as 60% of divorced women and men will marry again, many within just five years of their divorce becoming finalised.