Marriage intimacy problems are the result from several possible issues that are the underlying cause of hurt feelings. When a couple is feeling out of touch with each other it is only normal to pull away intimately.

Nonsexual touch is crucial to ever relationship. For a couple to have a healthy intimate relationship the nonsexual touching should be practiced daily. The simple forms of touch mean more than the actual act of sex.

The human touch is soothing and reassuring. The simple act of holding hands in public or in the privacy of the home says to the other person they are wanted and desired.

Body massages in the neck shoulders and back to help relieve any stress is a great way to show you care without the sexual act. The act of helping to reduce the tight muscles and achiness is a huge sign of compassion.

Hug and kiss for unexpected reasons. Hold each other and sit close to one another on the couch during movie or television show is another fantastic method to show love and appreciation. Cuddling as well as snuggling are nonsexual acts to show affection.

All forms of nonsexual touch can express the inner love for another person. When a person feels loved and appreciated the sexual intimacy will come naturally without pressure or resistance.

Intimacy involves connecting on the levels of the mind and heart. Without those connections no amount of sex will ever express the true love shared by two people.

Do simple things to show your love and appreciation. These little things will lead to the sexual intimacy many couples lose over the years due to negligence of positive touch and appreciation.

Leave a romantic note for your spouse. A few simple words of love say so much.

Give a small gift "just because" says you are thinking about your spouse. Make the gift a surprise and simple.

Take a time to watch a romantic movie together or have a picnic to enjoy each others company. Laugh and enjoy the private time together. Get frisky and tickle each other as you did when you first started dating.

Bring back those loving times and remember how wonderful it felt to feel your spouse lovingly touch your arm or back as they dove into for the killer tickle or tackle many couples shared during their playful times.

Take time to say I love you and mean it. When these simple things are done the marriage intimacy problems will be removed due to each person learning they are appreciated for more than the sexual act. Working out the marriage intimacy problems does not have to be as difficult as it seems.

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