How often do husbands and wives argue over petty issues and over this and over that? Such petty arguments may lead to greater marriage problems in life. They assumption that marriage is a bed of roses significantly is not a fact. As a matter of fact, marriage has its own pros and cons and who better than a qualified councilor should tell you this?

What Causes Marriage Problems?

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Marriage problems are caused by quite a number of personal and non-personal issues. However, the most common ones include miscommunication between couples. Financial issues also contribute significantly to marital problems between couples. Still, other couples experience problems due to the expectation of a baby or birth of a child. External factors such as extended family may also affect a good relationship.


Friends and occupation do affect stability of a married couple. Age factor is also a mater to consider when talking of marriage related problems. Personal differences and opinions are known to spark or open up past issues in relationships. Sex related causes are also a major contributor. These are few examples of marriage related problems.  Depending on how the issues are handled, they can either cause disintegration of marriages or help build strong links between couples. The resulting effect depends on what the couples do in order to save their marriage based on the causative agent.

Solving Marriage Problems

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Essentially, marriage problems can be solved through proper communication. This will also promote understanding between couples.  If the problems are resolved, the couple can put behind issues threatening their marriage life and live a better life afterwards. Visiting and talking to a professional marriage counselor goes a long way in saving your marriage plus helping you realize what you did know about your partner. This is the most sought after option for insurmountable marriage problems. Couples may decide to take time off from work and go for vacations just to connect with one another. Having sex regularly is important in as sex life is vital in marriages.

Marriage problems may give the couples the opportunity to connect and know one another in a much different way. This enables them to find ways and means to improve on issues affecting you and working on them leading to subsequent bonding between your partner and you. No marriage is perfect and therefore as husband and wife you have to listen to one another and restrain from things which may be offensive to your partner. You marry because you love and you want to be together, not because you want to fight and kill one another.


Effective problem solving techniques are important in every marriage. Without this couples may end up devoiced or even dead in some cases. Openness and honesty goes a long way in saving your relationship. Children as well will support a marriage in more than one way. Your partner is not just a wife or a husband but a soul mate.


In conclusion, marriage problems accord couples the opportunity to deal decisively with the personal differences. It may also bond the partners together or cause the marriage to disintegrate depending on how the problems are handled. Marriage counselors can intervene in marriage where the couples cannot see each other face to face or where there is acrimony.