There are certain marriage questions that need to be asked that are crucial if you want to be happy over the long haul. Actually, during the dating period, that is, the exclusivity stage, talk of marriage comes up. During these talks, your mate is trying to decide if he should pop the question to you. During your engagement is the time to sort out certain marriage questions that need to be answered before hopping the broom.

Finances - Cheap Skate or Running Faucet?

The subject of finances tears couples apart more than anything. Before you get married, asking what the other's spending habits are is a marriage question that needs to be addressed before you get married. Is your soon-to-be spouse a penny pincher or does your spouse spend money like it grows on trees? It's important that you get to know how your partner sees money and their relationship to money. Better yet, find out before hand if your spouse is a gambler. A compulsive gambler is a deal breaker!

Who Brings Home The Bacon?

Here's another marriage question you need to ask your potential spouse. Would it bother you if your wife made more money than you? Lots of marriages break up because the woman makes more money than the man. It can really be ego deflating when your wife makes a whole lot more money than you.

Do You Want Kids?

Of all marriage questions, this is an important one. You'll be dooming your marriage if you don't ask this question. Does your partner want kids? If so, by what age? Who will stay home with the kids? Will you hire a nanny to help out, or will your mother-in-law watch the kids? Will you share responsibility taking turns when the baby wakes up at 3:00 a.m., or will it all fall on your wife? Does your combined income allow you to afford kids? If not, when do you foresee your income rising to the point where you can afford a child?

Prenuptial Agreement

This discussion must be had if one or both spouses are well to do. Talking about money in our society is taboo. It's also a source of shame for a lot of people. But the bottom line is, if you make $1 million dollars a year and your soon-to-be spouse only makes $100K a year, you'll want to be assured that if the marriage dissolves, your spouse is not going to take half of your income! After all, why should your spouse be able to do that? Your spouse should leave with whatever they came into the marriage with. It's really important to be that frank when having this discussion.

Who Will Keep House?

Here's another romance killer - cleaning house! Society dictates that it's a woman's job to cook, clean, raise the kids and still have time to give her husband great mind blowing sex in every position he can think of. What's wrong with this picture? Here's where unrealistic expectations come in. It's really crucial that you have a frank conversation with your soon-to-be spouse about who will wash dishes, who will cook, clean, make repairs in the house - and how often you'll make love or have raunchy sex. Otherwise, the stereotypical roles will be played out unconsciously. Before you know it, you'll have resentments and fights galore.

These are just a few of the marriage questions you should address before you get married.