Marriage is the oldest social institution in the history of mankind. Ideally, it is the apex of evolution determined and pre-ordained by natural law. A man and woman attract each other just like the two unlike poles of a magnetic attracting each other. A driving power brings the two together for companionship and complimentarily. This physical union is the experience of physical and psychological fulfillment and happiness.

Marriage institution constitutes the family which is an exclusively independent institution. The man is the husband, father and head of the family. The woman is the wife and the mother. The two share equally in decision making and administration of the family affairs.

The children crown the institution of marriage and the family.

The nucleus family is the smallest unit of the society and the cornerstone of humanity. Idyllically, the integrity of the family is sustained by personal cherished values. The well-being of the family, happiness, peace and economic prosperity is determined by the state of stability and indissolubility of marriage. A family built on stable foundation best reaps the fruits in marital life. The spirit of optimism drives the couple to create personal values that are based on freedom and conscience.

The three cardinal values, faithfulness, honesty and discipline have proved most beneficial to many families.

Saint Paul admonishes the Christians to love their wives as Christ loves the church. The primitive church and the one universal Catholic Church has split itself into many radical denominations differing in opinions and beliefs. The sanctity of marriage has been shattered by the diversity of opinions and beliefs.

A section of the Anglican Church sanctions say marriage and ordains gay men and lesbians to administer the word of God. The endorsement of gay marriage is an insult to the legitimacy or natural marriage and family. The radical celibates in the Catholic Church are keeping families stealthily. Worse still there exist gay celibates who indulge in the culture of grosser pleasures of abusing minors. A priest is “alter Christus.”- Another Christ. Married and gay celibates are not a role model (not a paragon of virtue) to the faithful but a pretext.

The church needs to say “mea culpa”- it is my fault, not only for its scandals but also for the grave omission of refusing baptisms and locking Africa polygamists out of the church. The snub is a direct denial of salvation. Salvation! Is in the freedom of doing “the good.”

The church legalism denies the African polygamist salvation (church’s perspective of legalistic salvation). Undoubtedly though, the existence of the ancestral faith guarantees “salvation” (optimism of doing “the good”) to the African polygamist. Polygamy is a cultural practice of Africans from time immemorial and will prevail “ad infinifum.” Polygamy is practiced because Africans believe that after death, children (offsprings) perpetuate their physical immortality in space and time. This is a belief in absolute “good” that the church cannot obliterate by any possible means.

The church legalism, one-man-one-wife does not change the African stand concerning his belief in polygamy. Children crown marriage in the African culture. As the culture demands, the childless African has an obligation to marry another wife to father children and thus rest assured of physical immortality in space and time. Children and good life (actions of goodness) guarantees every man and woman on idyllic life of happiness in the afterlife.