Will You Marry Me? 

The question "Will you marry me?" is uttered every day, all over the world by nervous men (and sometimes women), hoping to hear the answer "Yes!" The traditional method for a marriage proposal is for the questioner to get down on one knee, show his or her fiancée an engagement ring and then "pop the question." However, while the method is often repeated, the circumstances and hoopla leading up to the proposal are different and unique. 

Each and every proposal is in some way the same but yet very different. Many individuals plot elaborate and unusual scenarios leading up to the all-important and life changing question. Some atypical ways to propose include hiring a skywriter to spell out "Will You Marry Me, (insert name here)?" or taking out a full or half-page ad in a newspaper and giving it to your fiancée to read while she/he enjoys her/his favorite breakfast. There are a myriad of ways to propose to your future betrothed, here are a few . . .

Marry Me . . . Ways to Propose

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Advertise: Rent out a billboard, and along with the all-important question, include a photo of you and your partner. Invite your mate for a ride and tell them a friend told you there was an interesting billboard but you can’t remember what it was, so ask them to look at all the billboard as you drive-by. When you get to yours be ready to park, get out of the car and ask the question. It would also be a good idea to ask a friend or friends to go to the billboard location ahead of time to take photos and a video. 

Follow the Rose Petals: Make a trail of rose petals leading from point A to point B (they can go to any room of the house). Create a romantic atmosphere at the end of the path using candles and dim lights. Stand ready to ask the big question while holding the ring. 

Pets: Purchase the type of pet that your partner has always wanted, such as a puppy or kitten. Just prior to giving the pet to him/her, loosely tie the ring around the pet’s neck. If your partner’s favorite pet is a fish, tape the proposal or ring to the fish tank than have him/her close their eyes immediately prior to surprising them with the fish.  (Note, if pets are not allowed in your partner’s residence, give him/her a stuffed animal.)

Disneyland CastleCredit: morguefile.com by jfeliasDisney Magic 

The folks at Disney have unveiled a truly unique way to pop the question at any one of their three locations; Disney Cruise Line®, Disneyland® Resort, and Walt Disney World®. If you and your special someone are Disney fans, you can plan a "fairytale proposal" through Disney's Fairy Tale Engagements. Within the three major locations there are several places where you can propose. For example, within the Disneyland® Resort, you can surprise your mate and propose at the Carnation Plaza Gardens located to the left of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, the New Orleans Square staircases between the Blue Bayou Restaurant and the New Orleans Square Railroad Station. There are also several special places you can propose at Disney's California Adventure® Park. For more information go to Disney’s web page: (http://disneyweddings.disney.go.com/engagements/disneyland-resort/detail).


Al Fresco: Put together a romantic picnic for two and at the end of the meal ask the question. This is preferably done on a warm spring or summer evening. 

Cake: Purchase a cake and ask the baker to write the marriage question on top of the cake with icing. After dinner ask your better-half to take the cake out of the box. 

Homemade: Make your intended's favorite dish and after a romantic candle lit dinner, pop the big question. 

Marriage in Your Future: Make a personalized fortune cookie then go to your favorite Chinese restaurant and secretly ask the owner to serve it to your prospective spouse. 

Restaurant Dessert: A popular old standard way to ask for someone’s hand in marriage is to take the intended future spouse to her (or his) favorite restaurant and ask the restaurant’s manager and pastry chef to hide the ring in the dessert plate and then write the phrase; "Will you marry me?" on the dessert itself or around the rim of the plate.

Out on The Town

New York Night on the Town
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Disco Nights: Call your favorite club ahead of time and arrange your important occasion. Take your loved-one out dancing and invite all your friends to join you. In the midst of the evening the DJ will dedicate a song to you and your mate, but before playing it, the DJ will announce that you have something to say. Take your partner by the hand to the middle of the dance floor and propose, hopefully she/he will say yes and the DJ can play your special song immediately following the joyful scene. 

Movie Theater: Arrange for your local theater to include a clip during the movie previews that you taped ahead of time asking your mate to marry you. 

Play-Time: Call your local community theater, speak with the stage manager and arrange to go on stage immediately following the curtain call. You can propose in front of the audience. To make this evening even more special, arrange for all of your and your mates families and close friends to be in the audience. Have some unexpected emergency occur so that you get to the theater after the intermission, in the dark, so your mate doesn’t see anyone in the audience.


Center Court: If you and your mate are basketball fans, you can ask your partner to marry you at an NBA game. Call the arena and ask what the policy is and the cost. You can have the organization put your photo with the question on their large screens then zoom to your seats, as you drop to one knee and surprise your better-half. It would also be a great idea to ask some friends to record and take photos of your special moment. 

Other Sports: You can ask your girlfriend (or boyfriend) to marry you at any sporting event. Always call ahead and find out if the team or venue offers any special deals or packages to put your proposal on their large scoreboard screens. 

Riding High: Invite your companion on a bicycle ride, hide the ring in his or her helmet then hand the helmet to them and then ask the question.

Disney Wedding CakeCredit: morguefile.com by RoganJoshKeep It Special 

There are numerous ways to ask the all-important question of "Will you marry me?" But more importantly than how you do it is whether this is truly the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. So, take your time, plan wisely and remember, make the marriage as special as the proposal!


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