Populating Mars?

The Mars One program is about to become reality. The plan is to have 24-40 people moving to Mars. These people will be the first to start a civilization on a new planet. 

Mars One

The Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorps, and the space-scientist Arno Wielders, founded the Mars One project in 2011. The plan is to have the first four people moving there in 2024. Then every two years, four more will leave Earth for their new home Mars. The trip will take six months.

Living On Mars

Every Mars citizen will be getting a house that is about 50m²/538.20ft² to live in. The house will have a bedroom, living room, workroom and a greenhouse. It will be possible to live a rather natural life there, like on Earth. They will have regular clothes, showers and food that they will produce in their greenhouse. However, when they are going outside they need to put on a spacesuit. The solution to this is; building the houses so that they get connected with each other. This means that you can visit your fellow Mars citizens without having to go outside.

A One Way Trip

For now, it's a one way trip moving to Mars. You will have to give up everything. But, it's possible to communicate with Earth from there. It takes about 3-22 minutes for a message to arrive. Depending on where Earth is in its circuit around the Sun.

The Planet Mars

You can see Mars without a scoop when it's dark outside! Mars is the 4th planet to the Sun. It's sometimes called; "The Red Planet," because of its red color. It gets its color because of the rust spread across the surface and atmosphere. The name Mars comes from the Roman war-god. Just like Earth does Mars have a lot of valleys and volcanos. Its surface has a lot of craters, pretty much like the Moon. It's a dry planet, but the scientists believe that it has been a lot of water on it and that some still remain as ice, both on and under the surface. Mars is about half the size as Earth. There are two small moons that circuit around the planet. Their names are Phobos and Deimos. Their names mean horror and fear. The astronomer Asaph Hall discovered the moons, he named them from the Greek mythology. 

Already in the 17th century, man was studying Mars with scoops. However, the early scoops were too small to see any particular details on the planet's surface. Since then, there has been some expeditions to Mars with space probes. The first one was the Mariner 4, launched in 1964. It succeeded with sending home 21 pictures from the surface. This changed a lot, the former believes of intelligent life on the planet was now cracked, The pictures showed theories wrong.

The last rocket that were send to Mars was the Atlas V 541, together with a space probe named Curiosity. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA), sent it at the 26th of November in 2011. It landed on Mars the 6th of August in 2012! A very long trip! Its mission was to explore the planet for life and more. 

Thank you for reading my article! I have two questions for you, who have read it; what do you think about the Mars One project? What do you think about those that are ready to sacrifice everything they have, to move there? Drop a comment! I find this very interesting and it will be a great fun, to follow the progress!