College Campus Safety

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Safety on Campus - Free Self Defense Classes

Campus safety is a huge concern for college administrators, campus police, prospective and current students, as well as parents. Crime statistics are something that should be considered just as equally as the best football team or the best ratio of students to teachers in the classroom. Safety is the top concern looming in the heart's of many parents even when their kids shake it off as though they are all grown up now that they are heading to college.

There are all sorts of shopping lists for back to school and first year college students. Before leaving, before moving to campus, there are classroom supplies and dorm supplies that must be purchased, along with all of the specifics for the student's area of study. While those lists are very helpful and should be used, it is the campus safety list that needs attention. Campuses can be extremely dangerous places for young women, especially at night. Some college campus crime statistics are higher than the national averages for cities.

What is the Most Common Violent Crime on American College Campuses?

The statistics are staggering. College campuses are like mini crime hubs where theft is rampant, underage drinking is the norm, hazing and bullying for fraternities and sororities is accepted without hesitation, binge drinking is encouraged (along with prescription stimulant abuse), and acquaintance rape is the elephant in the classroom. One in four women will experience sexual assault in her life. Statistics say that when you are standing in a room full of women that you are among sexual assault survivors.

If rape is the crime than prevention is the key. Campus safety is a hot issue, but it is not realistic to think that the campus police will be there when they are needed most. Keeping women safe on campus is the responsibility of the parents and the student, as well as the administration. There are steps that female students can take to keep themselves from becoming victims of date rape. Self defense classes teach women how to quickly escape bad situations. Self defense can teach women how to gouge a person's eyes out, how to throw a knee to the groin with force, how to short elbow an attacker in the face or Adam's apple, and how to hip throw a man who is holding her down. Acquaintance rape is one of the most unreported crimes at college. Self defense classes and learning martial arts is one of the best ways to improve the chances of getting away without getting assaulted. Lying there and taking it does not have to be her only option. Learning self defense and internalizing the maneuvers will give students an edge plus it increases self esteem. Colleges ought to offer free self defense or martial arts class to students as a way to foster campus safety.

Student Self Defense Classes, Kickboxing, or Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts lessons and self defense classes are good choices for both men and women. There are many benefits that come out of learning martial arts. Boxing coaches and mixed martial arts gyms and studios are getting together to teach kids martial arts to stop bullying. Used as bully interventions it is providing students with a way to feel good about themselves without asserting anger and control over others. College students can find the same benefits. There are often self defense classes offered for free at college campuses. Finding a kickboxing, martial arts, or self defense class will enable students to feel safer on campus. It is not something that makes them feel bullet proof, but it gives them a sense of safety and a skill set to fight back if they are attacked. It is very important and the lessons of martial arts will help throughout life, not just during college. Plus, taking a martial arts class can also help students prevent that freshman 15, the weight gain associated with the first year of college.

Martial arts classes offer incredible opportunities to turn life around or continue it just fine. For many, taking martial arts classes helps lower weight, increase strength, increase stamina, and helps psychologically to build more confidence, concentration, discipline, self-esteem, and more. Using martial arts is not only a great workout and way to get or stay in shape, but it is positive stress reliever. Using martial arts classes to reduce stress might not directly make campus safer, but it is surely going to be a valuable skill for when you are outside of the classroom.

Whether you take a longer term martial arts class or a two or three day self defense class you will learn very valuable skills. In self defense classes, you are taught how to defend yourself from being attacked from behind, attacked on the ground, and generally how to defend yourself if someone grabs you from a variety of positions. Taking a self defense class will teach you how to strike someone with elbows, knees, and short fists, sometimes called "hammer fists" on mixed martial arts shows. For college campus safety you will learn not to travel alone and to trust your gut. In both martial arts and self defense classes for college campus safety you will learn several ways to defend yourself quickly, like pinching the inside fat of the inner arm or using knees to pound whatever vulnerable parts are available.

Campus Safety Tips

Mixed martial arts and self defense classes for campus safety is part of staying safe at school. Through the self defense class students learn others ways to keep themselves safe, such as paying attention to the environment around them and learning how to assert boundaries, or yell for help to thwart attackers. Women are sometimes targets because they are not paying attention, for example, looking down digging through their purse while on a cell phone. Learning how to pay attention to your own body and where it is relative to others heightens awareness, a skill that helps with safety on campus. Another campus safety tip for parties is to never ever let your drink leave your site and do not let someone you don't know fix your drink. Date rape drugs are common on campuses. If you think someone slipped something in your drink or you just get scared, trip and dump it, or go to the bathroom and pour it out. Call the campus police, or there is always 911.

Check with campus security services about locations for free martial arts or self defense classes on campus. Get together with some friends and go together or try to organize a self defense class to come to the college and teach in large groups. This is a great thing to do if you are on the campus safety committee. Domestic violence agencies are great resources for assault prevention. It is also just as easy to call a local self defense class instructor or a martial arts studio and ask them about classes or setting them up to be offered at your college. Safety comes with awareness. There is safety in numbers, so remember to look out for each other.