Martin Archery has over fifty years of experience in the expertise of creating bows and it has consistently held its hard-earned legacy of creating compound bows of the best quality. Above all else it regards accuracy to be its prime objective when creating compound bows, even to the point that many Olympic medal winners are recommending the Martin compound bows for their quality and their accuracy. Regarded for their attention to detail and covering over the features that others, including the consumers may never consider, the Martin Compound Bows are detailed and accurate bows for any hunter to pick up and use.

After all, when you are out in the woods and trying to keep yourself as hidden and quiet as possible, there are a few things that you want when using a compound bow. For instance, you do not want something that is overly large or heavy, as too much weight and bulkiness can make carrying the bow or even wielding it difficult. In addition to this, you do not want an overly loud bow. Though compound bows work off of a series of high tension strings and the user's own strength, the release can still create a fair amount of noise, easily spooking the animal that you may be hunting.

The Gold Series seems to be the pride and joy of the new Martin compound bows, some of which include the following features:


The frame size and the materials that each of the Martin Compound Bows are made of allow for a lightweight compound bow.


With Core-flex limbs, Roto Limb cup systems made of steel and pivots, as well as bowstrings of the famous double helix, there is much that lends to the bows accuracy. Adjustable draw weights and lengths ensure that the accuracy is not lost on a weaker arm, or someone who is smaller when using the bow.


With aluminum risers and the axle's length being small and stable, along with the fact that it is equipped with silent and thermal grips, you can be sure that the Martin compound bows are a stable and sturdy lot. The stable grips allow for easier handling of the compound bow, and its lightweight and smaller frame make for an easily wielded bow.


An interesting little feature that a few may overlook when it comes to purchasing a bow, or even creating a bow, involves its silence. The Martin compound bows cover this little oversight with a V.E.M. within the arrow shelf. This prevents the clanking of arrows when mounting them on the bow.

Solid Prices

With the Martin compound bows, you are able to buy the different bows in the series either pre-assembled or complete, containing the arrow rest, bow quiver, sight, nock set, peep and an arrow rest with the pre-assembled package. With its careful attention to detail and intricate working on its products, the Martin compound bows are of a good value for the product that you are purchasing.