Free Marvel comics to read

I like the tactile nature and ‘feel’ of comic books when I read them. Even the older ones with the badly printed pages, poor ink quality, cheap paper and mismatched print runs have their own charm. With modern printing methods these flaws are a thing of the past and comic books today are highly finished art works. It is no surprise, really, that the transition from printed paper to digitization and electronic imaging has also got around to comic books.

Reading comics online is very realistic and the graphics and color quality of the superhero characters used are second to none. Best of all is the fact that many of the comics are free to read online. The traditionalist may disagree but this may be the future of comic production.

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Marvel Character Guide

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Marvel comics online to read


Online digital comic book from Marvel

Marvel Digital Comics

The image above is taken from free to read Marvel comic books that are available online. This image contains a number of pages from a Spider-Man comic called ‘Spiderman and the Secret Wars #4’ which is available free for readers. Collectors will want to own the physical copy but if funds are low then this is a great way to read comics free. It is not skimpy either as the comic has 27 pages in it. Among the benefits is the fact that you can share your comic with your friend, either by email or on your social networking pages on Facebook or similar sites.

Features available with free Marvel comics

Features include a full screen mode and an ability to zoom in on the images of your favorite male and female superheroes. If you find that some of the text bubbles are too small you can enlarge the text to suit. It is also possible to adjust the display modes so that you can read the comic with two pages open (just like the real thing) or on a page by page basis. Alternatively you might like to look at your comic on a panel by panel basis (smart panel view).

You can select the page turning to be ultra smooth but I found that the normal mode worked just fine. There is a clever menu option that allows you to keep track of which issues of the comics that you have read and you can list new ones for later perusal. It is possible to mask your unread pages too.

Digital Comics by subscription

Marvel has more than 10,000 digital comics available to subscribers. If you want the most up to date issues of your most loved superheroes and villains you may decide to join the subscribed service offered by Marvel. I recommend a subscription to either of the two big names in the comic world such as Marvel or their long time rivals DC Comics. The monthly subscription is just less than $10 but you can save money by registering for a full year for a fraction under $60 which works out at half the monthly premium.

Marvel Time

Marvel Retro Hulk Alarm Clock
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Cheap or free to view digital comics from Marvel

There is a plentiful supply of free digital comics listed on the Marvel site. If, however you are attracted by a single issue in the new comic range you can buy it as a one off sale without having to subscribe for any set time period at all. Many of the new comics I viewed were available for $1.99 each. I have enjoyed my digital comic reading experience but have to confess that I still prefer the real hard copy. Whichever means of purchase, or free mode, you decide upon, I wish you happy and enjoyable comic reading.