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Captain America USPS postage stamp

Fans and collectors of Marvel Comics got a nice surprise when the U.S. Postal Service issued stamps of the best Marvel Superheroes in 2007. A year previously the USPS produced stamps showing DC Comic superheroes which proved to be so popular that they decided to launch these Marvel Comic book heroes too. The quality of the Marvel images chosen far surpasses that of The DC comics’ stamps, which were a bit too old-fashioned and cartoon like.

The Captain America stamp shown here is a high quality, original art, image. It is one of the 20 Marvel stamps issued. Only 10 stamps feature a superhero specifically, such as the ‘Sentinel of Liberty’ shown above. The remainder show covers of comics with the hero on the front page. The main attraction are of the superheroes themselves but the comic-cover stamps are included for those collectors who prefer to collect full stamp sheet issues.

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The USPS mint sheet consists of 20 stamps in total. The gems for philatelists are the all-action individual Marvel characters and I have selected 4 of my favorite stamps from the series for this article. Fans of Marvel comics will readily recall that a feeble youngster called Steve Rogers became Captain America after an experiment enhanced his body strength in 1940. The Captain America comic book was very popular during the war years as he symbolized USA fighting spirit.

The Avengers

Superhero Stamps USPS

SpiderMan postage stamp


Spider-man on a USPS postage stampComic sales to date have exceeded 200 million copies and are still going strong. Apart from my favorite, the much loved Captain America shown above (a 41-cent stamp denomination as the release was prior to the FOREVER range); I like the Spider-Man stamp shown here.

Spider-Man postage stamp

Not quite as old as Captain America this Marvel character appeared in 1962. Peter Parker has become affectionately known to his fans as Spidey, after a bite from a radioactive spider gave him superpowers. His character is so popular, just like DC's Superman, that several movies have been made featuring his exploits. It was hardly surprising that Marvel chose this superhero for the stamp issue. Again, the quality of the image used is superb.

The Thing on a stamp

The Thing postage stamp USPS and MarvelA big superhero in Marvel terms of success is The Thing who was the founding member of the Fantastic Four in 1961. A popular comic book character, Benjamin Jacob Grimm was transformed into the Thing during a space flight along with the other members of the crew who also developed super powers.

The other three were the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and Mister Fantastic but only The Thing featured as a stamp of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

Silver Surfer Stamp

The newest of these 4 super heroes is the Silver Surfer, who teams up with the Fantastic Four in 1966. Norrin Radd’s new name comes about from the fact that he can travel faster than the speed of light, rather than the new meaning of the term regarding old folks learning to surf the net.

Stamp of Silver Surfer 2007 USPSThis is the 4th stamp in this article as I have chosen my favorite superheroes from the Marvel comic book range but your favorites might well be different, or perhaps even Super-villains. They may not even be featured by this USPS commemorative set of stamps. The remaining six, who do have stamps and comic covers issued, are Wolverine, Iron Man, Elektra, Incredible Hulk, Sub-Mariner and Spider-Woman.

These stamps are also printed to a high standard and are superior (in quality) to the DC comic range of 2006 which were a bit Disney style. The philatelic market, young stamp collectors and comic book collectors alike are all the richer by the arrival of these 2007 superheroes.

Popular comic book stamps

Several other stamp issuing countries such as France (la Poste), Canada Post, Japan and Germany produced their own comic characters in stamp releases. Most of the stamps issued are very coloroful and attract new philatelists (especially children) to the hobby. The latest to do so is Royal Mail who, in 2012, released their British stamp set of UK comic book heroes. They feature well established comics such as the Beano and Dandy which are running for 75 years. Regretably, the Dandy comic book ceased publication in 2013.

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