The launch of a new MMO ARPG like Marvel Heroes is always an exciting time as it signifies the beginning of the big race to max level with each class or, in this case, hero. When it comes to efficiently power leveling in a game like this the most important weapon you have is knowledge - and that's exactly what you're looking at here. 

Hulk & Spider-Man are two of the strongest and most fun heroes in the new Marvel Heroes game and after spending quite a bit of time with each of them in the closed beta I now have a really good idea of the best and quickest ways to level them both to max level. In this article I share what I've learned on each of these characters, including what skills to use, how to set up your build, what gear to use and how to go about leveling efficiently.

The Incredible Hulk Power Leveling Guide (Builds, Skills & Tips)

Marvel Heroes Hulk Power Leveling Guide
Credit: ZiggyD

The Hulk is hands-down one of the best and fastest characters to level in Marvel Heroes, which may come as a surprise because he actually suffers from a whopping -20% experience gain penalty. However, he more than makes up for this with extremely good melee AoE abilities, good DPS and very low gearing requirements.

Leveling Style & Methodology - Hulk is best for solo grinding by killing mobs. He has decent mobility but he really shines when killing large groups of enemies as quickly as possible. If you want to level with friends then you are going to suffer the full force of your 20% XP penalty as you will will have to stay with them and kill the enemies they kill. Put bluntly, other people will slow you down. As such, the best method for leveling Hulk is to use the waypoint system to jump from zone to zone to just clear large packs of mobs as quickly as possible. Get 1 to 3 levels in each zone and then move on.

Skills & Build - There are four main skills you should focus on as Hulk to maximize your leveling speed:

  • Furious Punch / Brutal Swing - Sink as many points into both of these as you can as they will be your primary source of DPS. Points put into Furios Punch synergize with Brutal Swing so no need to respec. This skill gives a small AoE but mainly use it on single targets and bosses.
  • Ground Smash - The only AoE skill you'll ever need for leveling. It has a huge area of effect, does decent damage and has a 100% knockdown chance so mobs wont run away. Get surrounded and HULK SMASH! Put as many skill points into Ground Smash as you can.
  • Hulk Tough - This aura gives you a TON of survivability while leveling and, honestly, it allows you to not have to worry about gear at all for a long time. Use it and put as many skill points into it as you can.
  • Crushing Leap - An excellent mobility skill that also has the added benefit of looking awesome. You only need to put one skill point into this as you wont be using it for damage, just the mobility. Use Crushing leap to jump over obstacles, cover large distances quickly and to leap into packs of enemies.

Gearing Hulk for Fast Leveling - With Hulk Tough gearing requirements are very low on the defensive side of things. Simply focus on anything that gives you more damage, more move speed, more spirit or more AoE radius (like the Doc Oc medal!).

If you need to see these skills in action or are after a more in-depth explanation check out the video linked below!

Spider-Man Power Leveling Guide (Builds, Skills & Tips)

Spiderman Marvel HeroesCredit: Gazillion EntertainmentSpider-Man is not quite as fast as Hulk for speed leveling but he is still a lot of fun! His biggest strengths lie in his higher intelligence score (for the 5% XP bonus) and in his mobility. 

Leveling Style & Methodology - Since Spider-Man is super quick we instead take the approach of rapid questing and jumping between events to get him as much XP as we can in a small time frame. Use your mobility skills constantly and skip all but the juiciest packs of enemies. Complete quests as quick as you can, do events in between and search all of the hidden caves as quickly as possible. Spider-Man is okay to level with a group, just make sure your friends are also playing faster heroes. 

Skills & Build - For Spidey we focus on improving his small AoE DPS and his mobility. Put points into the following skills:

  • Spider Strike / Sticky Strike - Sink as many points into both of these as you can and you'll be rewarded with a ton of single target and small AoE DPS. Sticky Strike also gains a double damage bonus against slowed enemies, which should be pretty much everyone with this build.
  • Amazing Uppercut - Your group AoE ability, put as many points into it as you can. It's a fairly small cone of effect but the damage is really high and you can easily burst down medium size packs very quickly with it.
  • Webswing Assualt - Your first mobility ability. Put one point into this and respec once you unlock webslinging as you wont need it anymore. 
  • Webslinging - Hold down the hotkey for this ability and you can websling above almost all obstacles and opponents. An amazing mobility ability that gains move speed with more skill points invested. As such, feel free to sink some points into it!
  • Web Spray - This doesn't do damage but it will give you added survivability in the lower levels. Once you get Sticky Strike, however, it allows you to effectively double your DPS! Put a few points into this if you have some to spare.

Gearing - As you are fairly melee with this build try to get as many defensive stats as you can. The most important stats, however, are move speed, spirit and damage!

Check out the video below for demonstrations of these skills and for more information on how to go about leveling up Spider-Man!

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