Comic book supervillains

Where would our Superheroes be without their villains? We all secretly love these ‘good for nothing’ types. Perhaps it is because we know that, in the end, they cannot triumph. Marvel and DC Comics Superheroes can have off days too and even though Superman might be having a bad kryptonite day or Spider-Man could be getting himself tied in knots, we know, deep down, that they will emerge good as new again. To compete with the superheroes the villains need to be super-powered too (or sometimes super brained).

The best villains are just as popular as Batman, Captain America and so on. Indeed, our Superheroes would be as nothing without their villainous counterparts. The villains far outnumber the Supermen and women in the Comic Universe. I have selected a few of the better baddies below. Although the villains and lady villains are far more numerous that the superheroes their longevity is not a foregone conclusion.

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DC Comic Book Villains

DC Superhero Villains

These males have plagued our superheroes for decades. The baddies pictured, from left to right, are The Joker, Two Face, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Bizarro and Lex Luthor. They are all members of either ‘The Injustice League’ or ‘The Secret Society of Super-Villains’. Some of them such as Lex Luthor and Mr. Freeze have managed to be members of both gangs. Lex does battle with DC Comics Superman and even created a clone of Superman called Bizarro. The Joker also managed to create another genetically flawed Bizarro. Many villains fall by the wayside and are forgotten but these ones mentioned are the best loved ones among comic fans and we hate to see them killed off.

The Riddler changed his name to E. Nigma (enigma) and he is the regular opponent of Batman. Harvey Dent, who is Two Face, also takes on the Caped Crusader (Batman) in Gotham City. As if poor Batman had nothing better to do he has to take on Mr. Freeze too, who first appeared in 1959 with his powerful Freeze Gun.

Marvel Superhero Villains

Spider Man has a lot to put up with as he is the most successful and well known of the Marvel Comics superheroes. The Green Goblin got on his case nearly 50 years ago when Norman Osborne went mad on serum he developed. Spidey survived but 20myears later Venom appeared devouring human hosts as he attacked Spider-Man.

At about the same time Doctor Doom appeared and although he beef was with the Fantastic Four, he also had time on his hands to do battle with Spider-Man, Others too, such as Doctor Octopus and Kingpin took on both Daredevil and the masked Web Shooter. Magneto was a peculiar character from Marvel and X-Men comics as he alternated between superhero and supervillain as he generated strong magnetic fields. Also, coming from the Marvel Comics universe, is Red Skull who is the enemy of the United States and of all things American. He gets his comeuppance at the hands of the one and only, very appropriately named, Captain America.

Marvel’s lady villains include some ‘good’ characters like Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Rogue (daughter of Mystique), Emma Frost (White Queen) and Hope Summers with her superhuman mutant abilities.

DC Comics VillainessesSuperhero Villainesses

Perhaps villainess is not the correct word for these ladies of crime but the intent is there just the same. These are the female versions of baddies or villains and the have their respective superhero foes.

The DC Comics ladies pictured, from left to right, are Cheetah, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Batman does have a soft spot for Cat-like lady, but eventually she gets to be too catty, even for him, and she turns to a life of crime. Poison Ivy was also infatuated with the Dark Knight of Gotham City but things turned out badly here too as she preferred the company of Harley Quinn (Joker’s sweetheart). Cheetah, known also as Dr. Minerva, was the nemesis of Wonder Woman.


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Popular Marvel and DC Comics characters and the USPS

The U.S. Postal Service issued special stamps of comic book heroes from both the Marvel and DC Universes. The DC Comic superheroes (2006) and Marvel Comics superheroes (2007) were honored by the USPS with collections of 20 stamps each. In 2012 the British got in on the act and their Royal Mail issued UK comic book stamps of their heroes (or funnies) including the 75 year old Dandy comic book.

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