Using mascara for sensitive eyes is important for people who have sensitive skin that easily irritates or who easily get allergic reactions. It is important for these ladies to choose mascara carefully because it is a makeup tool that is used around the eyes where the chances of the makeup running into the eyes is high - which could lead to problems such as inflammation and pain especially if the person is sensitive.

For people with allergies, the best bet is to find mascaras that are hypoallergenic. These types are easily identifiable because "hypoallergenic" should be written clearly on the packaging or the mascara itself. Hypoallergenic mascaras can only be labeled that way if indeed they have passed tests showing their ingredients are non-irritating. For people without allergies but who have sensitive eyes, choosing a hypoallergenic mascara is still a great idea to assure that there are no problems with using the eye makeup. In general, all hypoallergenic cosmetics such as mascara have less possible irritants and are a safer choice. Overall hypoallergenic mascaras tend to cost the same or just slightly more than regular mascaras, so there is no reason why one couldn't afforda a better mascara.

Another option for people who want a non-irritating mascara is to take a look into the many natural or "organic" mascaras out there. Typically, mascaras that are made with natural ingredients are much less likely to irritate the eyes or cause reactions in a person. The harsh ingredients in typical mascaras are usually the cause of irritation.

Finding hypoallergenic or natural mascaras is not hard. There are many options for finding them online, at drugstores or beauty supply stores. Doing the research to assure that you are getting a quality product is important so read the packaging carefully, take a look at a non-biased review or get a recommendation from a friend or associate.

In the case that the mascara that is being used is irritating the eyes, hypoallergenic or natural types of mascara may be best. Stop using the irritating the mascara until you can find a better kind. Also, getting a new mascara every three months will help ensure that the mascara is still good and won't cause your eyes any unnecessary problem. In some cases old mascara is responsible for causing eye infections. Avoid this by choosing natural or hypoallergenic mascara for sensitive eyes.