Mashed potatoes with skin

Mashed potatoes are so good. Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? And what’s even better is that if you cook them right—with the skin—they’re downright good for you, while providing a rich and filling side dish. Oh man…I’m going to go cook some right after this article!

(If I should trail off in the middle of a sentence, you’ll know why.)

Potato skin nutrition

The thing to keep in mind with potato skin nutrition is that pesticides can be absorbed by, and stored in, the skin. However, the skin is a great source of fiber. So your best bet is to buy organic, so you don’t have to worry about pesticides, and eat everything. It’s also better for the environment and more sustainable. If you can’t get organic potatoes, or if you’re just super cheap, then you might not want to keep the skin on, due to the pesticides. If that’s the case, you should boil them with the skin on, then just peel the outermost layer. Many vitamins are located just underneath the skin.

Use butter!

Butter is not bad for you! Try this on for size. In 1900, heart disease was super rare, and we ate eighteen pounds of butter a year per person. By 1960, butter consumption had fallen to 4 pounds per person per year…yet rates of heart disease skyrocketed! Trust me, you can use all the butter you want and not feel guilty. Check out these nutrition facts for butter.


Here’s what like to do. Get your favorite brand of potatoes. Red potatoes are easily mashed. Boil them until tender, maybe 20-30 minutes. Cover them in paper towels to let them dry.

Do the monster mash. Er, the potato mash. Mash them all up, skins included.

For each potato, I like to add a pat of butter. Make sure it’s room temperature. My mouth is drooling already!

Salt is a necessity. I like pepper, too.

Now if you really want to get crazy, add some heavy whipping cream and some cinnamon and nutmeg. This adds some great flavor and the cream makes your mashed potatoes silky smooth.

(More candidates for inclusion: buttermilk, bacon, chives, and cheddar cheese.)

Whip your potatoes to make them light and fluffy.

Hint: Hurry up. Don’t let the potatoes get cold during this whole process.


Thanks for reading about mashed potatoes with skin. To try more healthy foods, check out bananas, salmon, almond butter, and celery. Thanks!