An elementary strategy in hunting is to ensure that your prey does not know you are present. Otherwise it would either avoid the area or run away upon detection. Camouflage has come along way and can effectively conceal your location visually, but what about your scent? It is a fact that game animals are up to 100 times more sensitive to scent than humans are. They depend upon this asset in evolution to avoid turning into another predator's next meal. All the concealment in the world won't help if you stink.

Type of Scent Concealment

Hardcore hunters has relied on some of these tips and tricks for years. More recently, the hunting industry has spent a lot of time and resources into developing products to help make you invisible when it comes to your scent.

1. Using nature

Use the wind to your advantage. If you are downwind then any trace amount of scent you have on you will be blown harmlessly in a direction away from your prey. This only works if you know from what direction your game is coming from. This can be useful when hunting from a stationary location that has been previously scouted, such as a deer stand. Calm days require more careful scent preparation since any odors you may give off will be diffused in all directions.

2. Odor free soaps and detergents

A simple search will reveal a variety of soaps and even scentless deodorant/antiperspirants. This is an easy step to take the morning of your hunt. Shower using these products instead of your normal scented products. If you use normal soaps, you won't give off a human scent but you will be introducing a scent unfamiliar to the animal which will more than likely cause it to avoid your area. Don't forget about your clothing. While the human body gives off odors, clothing will easily absorb odors. Anything from your breakfast to your car's air fresheners will leave trace amounts of scent on your clothes. Wash your clothes in one of the specialized detergents on the markets and then keep your outer garments in a sealed bag until your arrival on site. Do not use dryer sheets which add a strong scent that is sure to capture the unwanted attention of nearby animals.

3. Scent masking and eliminating sprays

If you are not willing to eliminate your oder, you can always attempt to cover it up. Sprays and liquids are available to cover you to a neutral smell or even the smell of another animal. Note that wild animal scents are very strong and can be offensive if used too liberally. There have even been stories of deer attacking hunters due to the over use of deer scents. You can also use dead and decaying leaves and dirt as a scent mask. Simply rub some into your hands and around your body in order to blend into your environment. Sythetic natural scents are also available such as pine tree scents specially made for masking human scent.

4. Scent free clothing

The newest innovation is the scent free clothing. This clothing is specially lined with charcoal or other scent absorbing chemicals which allow you so sit scent free with confidence. These garments can last up wards of 40 hours until they need to be reactivated by putting through the dryer. The heat will release the odor and free up the charcoal lining to captures scent molecules again.

You put in a lot of preparation into your hunt. Don't allow your day to be ruined simply because the animal smelled you coming!