A masquerade is one of the best events to socialize at because you can talk to other people while being disguised in some of the coolest masks that anyone has ever seen! Masquerade costumes are very different from all of the other types of Halloween costumes because the main focus is placed on the mask as opposed to the outfit. This is not to say that the outfit isn’t important, but the eyes of others will definitely be drawn to the flashy mask that you will be wearing!

With that being said, you can choose to wear a half or a full mask for any of these masquerade costume ideas!

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Here are a few different options when it comes to dressing up for a Masquerade...

The Legendary Phantom From The Phantom Of The Opera

This is definitely the most recognizable masquerade costume because almost everyone knows about this popular musical. Pulling off a phantom of the opera costume is relatively simple:

-Put on a nice looking black suit

-Tie a cape around your neck over top of the suit

-Wear a white mask that resembles the phantom or simply use white makeup to paint the right half of your face

The one thing that you should be sure to do when wearing this costume is sing to the people around you; this will really allow people to recognize you as being a character from the musical.

I would recommend checking out the phantom costumes on Amazon. They have a ton of capes and masks that you could use as part of your costume.

Wear A Mardi Gras Mask

Many people think that Mardi Gras is the college festival that involves students partying; however, they are very wrong. Mardi Gras is a French festival that involves dressing up in fantastic masks that are literally perfect for incorporating into a masquerade outfit!

Mardi Gras costumes include a lot of feathers, diamonds, and vibrant colors. Something to compare these costumes to is a jester outfit...that’s what you should be striving for!

Masquerade Costumes That Resemble Flying Creatures (Birds And Butterflies)

I am not sure what the association is with these flying creatures is with a Masquerade festival, but a TON of the costumes involve them! The goal with these bird and butterfly costumes is not to look like the creatures themselves; but rather, it is to have certain features that resemble them. This essentially means that you wouldn’t dress up in a bird costume, but you would wear a masquerade mask that has a beak on the front of it!

One of the best ways to create your own homemade masquerade costume is to buy some fake feathers from the craft store, and glue them onto the outfit that you will be wearing!

Still confused?

Take a look at these masquerade costumes to get some ideas...you might even find one that you like and consider buying it!

Make Your Own Homemade Masquerade Half Mask Using Paper Mache

This is definitely a project that will require a few hours worth of work, but there is nothing better than wearing a costume that you have created in the comfort of your own home. It will allow you to show off your creativity and truly customize the shape, colour, and design of the mask.

In order to make a paper mache hald mask, you must:

-Measure the distances between the outside of both of your eyes, inside of both of your eyes, and from the top of your forehead to the tip of your nose.

-Use those measurements to draw a mock mask onto a sheet of paper, and cut that drawing out. This will serve as a stencil for your masquerade mask

-Use small pieces of newspaper and some paste to paper mache the stencil that you just made

-Use paint, beads, diamonds, and feathers to decorate the masquerade mask to your liking

This whole process is about a 3 hour job when it’s all said and done but is completely worth it! Alternately, you can simply buy a mask from an online retailer if you don’t have the time or skill that is needed to create your own.

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There are over 100 ways to execute different masquerade costume ideas, whether you’re heading to a local Halloween party or a complete masquerade ball. You can choose to create one yourself if you have enough time on your hands, or simply buy one from the store if you are willing to spend $20-$30 on a costume...the choice is yours!

This article offers a variety of ideas that can be used when you are ready to create a masquerade costume. Some of the ideas involve creating a complete costume from scratch, and others involve the customization of one that you have purchased from the store.