One of the most anticipated games of the year Mass Effect 3's demo proves that Mass Effect is a class apart from any other video/PC game out there. Gamers who download the demo are immediately immersed in an emotional roller coaster of a story with head-blowing action. This is no run-of-the-mill shooter, it has depth, character, and amazing graphics. This is a game for all kinds of gamers, young guns and veterans alike. 

Mass Effect 3's demo begins with the Reaper invasion, an invasion which the last two Mass Effect games have built up to. Players jump right into the action as massive Reaper ships land on earth deploying an army of fearsome Reapers known as "cannibals."Humanity is being torn apart: men, women, and even children can not escape the horror of the invasion. Meanwhile,  Shepherd, hero of the saga and recently retired commander, along with some familiar faces attempts to survive the invasion and save humanity. After Shepherd escapes the invasion, players are then allowed to play an episode further in the game where Urdnot Wrex and Shepherd must save a fellow acquaintance of Wrex. Then the demo ends leaving gamers wanting more.

Mass Effect 3 not only has a great story line, it has great gameplay. Thanks to the amazing technology of the Xbox 360 Kinect gamers now have the option of using their voice to control the games characters. This new and awesome component of gameplay makes the Mass Effect experience more personal. By simply speaking such words as "reload", "open", and so forth the characters in the game will do as you say in a timely manner. Players can also use the voice capabilities of the Kinect to give teammates orders, activate special abilities, and switch weapons. 

Although Mass Effect 3 has some new and exciting components it is still the great game it has always been. For example, the choices that players have made in the previous games will greatly impact a player's experience in M.E. 3, which is a component that has existed since the beginning of the series. M.E. 3 also maintains its artistic style and amazing score giving the game a Star Wars type atmosphere. 

Mass Effect 3 has a fantastic story, great gameplay, and a huge fan base waiting with bated breath for the release of M.E. 3. Mass Effect 3 is said to release March 6 in the U.S.