Those familiar with the Mass Effect franchise need no introduction to the series. For the rest of us, here's a quickie. Mass Effect is a video game developed for next gen consoles and possibly computing devices; varies per installment.

Mass Effect: Redemption Volume 1 is a graphic novel based on the game serial. Based on the brief, the Redemption series is said to take place prior to the second installment of the game.

Mass Effect: Redemption

Volume 1

Mass Effect Redemption

Personal copy of the graphic novel.

The Search for Sheppard

Near the start, we're introduced to  Dr. Liara T'soni who has been enlisted to find her comrade Commander Sheppard. The search starts off okay; however, she quickly realizes there are other interested parties. While searching, she some how befriends a Drell (reptile-like* race in the Mass Effect universe) named Feron.


Feron proved to be quite helpful as well as resourceful. T'soni has a bit of an issue in regards to trusting Feron; especially with his back and forth tendencies. Despite this, he successfully helps in finding intelligence leading to Sheppard's whereabouts along with information pertaining to the interested parties.

Highly alarmed by this newly discovered information, they make haste to the stated location of Sheppard in hopes of retrieving him before it's too late. The mission was a success but that success came at a price.


As much as I would love to disclose every little detail pertaining to this volume I cannot. There is a bad tendency of mine to actually retell things done to a tee of what took place at each specific instance. As per warning, there are those that dislike spoilers.

*To paint a light picture, the Drell could be said to resemble the Lizardman cryptid; more or less.


Is there an and? Oh yeah! You have to play Mass Effect 2.

Why? Well, that's the only way you're going to see what will occur next.

UPDATE: Before you pick up and play, read the other two volumes in the Redemption series then go for the game. Wasn't aware that there was more than one volume.

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Not necessarily the second installment but someone pointed out that it would make better sense to immerse yourself in the game series itself. After reading the book you may choose to jump into the second installment of the game franchise and then go back and play the previous installment and then follow up with the third. Totally up to you really but have fun and smile!

The Favorites

Mass Effect: Redemption Volume 1 is a nice graphic novel to accompany the video game franchise. Dr. Liara T'soni quickly became a favorite because she is harmless one moment and ferocious the next.


Then there's Feron. A sweet guy that can take a beating and survive; even from T'soni. Jokes aside, he's a pretty strong character that won't hesitate to help those he trusts.


Of the scenes, the part where we're introduced to Dr. T'soni is a favorite. Another favorite scene is some where toward the end where Feron and his competitor were trying to hold a conversation but couldn't because this strange creature next to them looked like he was talking to himself. The honorable mention has to be a pouting Feron after an unsuccessful argument with Miranda.

Mass Effect: Redemption
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A wonderful book that was discovered while, again, shopping for textbooks; was my excuse any way. The last full color graphic novels that I've read were Leave it to Chance and Picnic [part of a compilation series]. One of my favorite sections of the book is the concept art section which displays the processes behind character development; especially when it comes to facial expressions.