Michael Liedtke of the Flint Journal, states that this is Yahoo’s sixth mass layoff within four years. This mass dumping of 2,000 workers may save the company about $375 million annually.   Because I have experienced downsizing personally, I know employees can look at this as a chance to explore other careers, go back to school, or possibly even start their own business.   Sometimes a layoff causes employees to explore other options.  The employees’ attitudes will be most important.  So many time employees view their jobs as their life.     The new CEO, Scott Thompson, is looking to sell more advertising, improve the products for smartphones and tablet computers, and possibly recruit more specialists in mobile technology.   

 I know  the pain, the hurt, and the loss that a person may feel after  layoff, downsizing,  or termination.   They may have  reevaluate their life at this time. 

General Motors employees know too well about downsizing.  Michigan relied heavily on the automobile industry.   I have seen the effects of the downsizing from General Motors.  Several plant closings and moving  of employees to other plants in Pontiac and Lake Orion.  I have observed several companies prepare a package that might be promising for seasoned employees that might be close to retirement.  Sometimes I have observed those that accept the packages from downsizing.  Some start new careers.  This is a time to remember who you are.  Do not let your job define who you are.

 I knew of a man who seemingly thought the only job he could do was that of  a salesperson.   Sales were down at his job.  After his termination,   He then had to find another  job that he could do.     He had to learn what his other skills and interests were.   He had to learn that there are many jobs available, but he must search for them.   Someone once said that a 75-year-old woman did not realize she could run marathons and that she was good at it, until she tried. 

I have also observed there are those that will continue to work in the workforce, because of the need for insurance.  Insurance is more affordable at a workplace, than if you have to buy your own personal insurance.  

There are different styles of downsizing. A question that you might want to ask yourself, “Are you ready for a layoff?”   I have seen several computer programmers that did not become aware of their termination until that day.      I thought that was rather harsh and without any warning. 

I have been in a workforce with  disgruntled employees.  There were bomb threats.   Having to evacuate the building because of a bomb threat is not a very pleasant thought, but I have experienced that.   
According to Bruce Weinstein, PhD, at Businessweek.com, he emphasized that there is a right way to do  downsizing.   He further states to do it in person, do it  privately, give the person your full attention, be honest, and do not rush. 

Most companies will downsize, to save the company money.   I have seen companies downsize by terminating a department and then outsourcing that work to another company for less.   Sometimes the work becomes duty other employees throughout the rest of the company.  This causes  an increase  workload for the remaining workers.   That is very tiresome on the reaming employees from my observation.  In the end it is clear the company will do what is best for the company.  You will do what is best for you.