When you invest your hard earned money in a supplement, what is it that you are looking to get out of it? I can speak for many of you and simply say that 'results' is going to be the most popular answer. Let's take a step back. Before you even decide to purchase a supplement, there are going to be many limiting factors. These limiting factors will ultimately decide whether or not that supplement joins the army of supplements on your kitchen counter top, in your cupboard, or on top of your refrigerator. One limiting factor is price. Not everyone can afford to spend the same amount of money on supplements. Another limiting factor is ingredients. Do you really know exactly what is in that supplement, or are the ingredients secretly disguised as a proprietary blend? Lastly is trust and accountability. Do you trust what is being put into that supplement? Another question is, does this company only care about taking your money? These limiting factors are going to be different for everyone based upon their values and beliefs, and that is just the way the world works. I used to think that price was the only limiting factor in buying a supplement. After taking MM250, I now believe that trust and accountability are the two most influential factors.

Like every other Mass Machine Nutrition supplement, MM250 doesn't include the potentially harmful 1,3 dimethylamylamine, and it also doesn't include any proprietary blends. This allows you to know exactly, and how much of each ingredient that goes in your body. Trust. There aren't too many supplement companies that can say they don't use proprietary blends. Mass Machine Nutrition is one of them. Accountability. Skip La Cour puts his name on his supplements to give you the best quality ingredients that he can, and that is something he should very well be proud of.

Mass Machine Nutrition's MM250 can be found at bodybuilding.com for an inexpensive price of $27.99. MM250 comes with 41 servings, so if you workout five times a week and take MM250 before each workout, that will last you slightly over eight weeks. That comes out to .68 cents a serving. In case that deal isn't satisfying enough for you, there is a sale going on now where if you buy two MM250's you get one free for $55.98. That comes out to .45 cents a serving. You can also get that sale at bodybuilding.com while supplies last.

Fresh summertime lemonade is the flavor. I enjoy the taste, and if you enjoy lemonade, then chances are you will most likely enjoy it just as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger likes getting a pump. On the label it says to mix one scoop with water, but it doesn't say how much water. After some experimenting, I found that the taste is best when mixed with one cup of water. The powder dissolves very easily, and can be stirred with any utensil without it sitting or clumping on the bottom. If you're looking for a supplement that tastes as sweet as a high sugared soda, then you should look elsewhere. I will always take a good tasting supplement that provides majestic results, than a supplement that provides a monumental tasting flavor, and inexcusable results. Which leads me to my last category.

Mass Machine Nutrition's MM250 WILL put your body and mind in perfect workout conditions, every session. After taking MM250 I was not only able to add more weight to my sets, but also more repetitions. While doing my cardiovascular training, I beat my personal record by thirty eight seconds. Coincidence? I think not! MM250 managed to do all of this with out the the crash, jitters, or irritating itchy feeling you sometimes get after taking a pre-workout supplement.

Final Rating 9.8/10
Skip La Cour puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and his MM250 pre-workout supplement is no exception. It is everything I could have ever asked for, and more, from a pre-workout supplement. What stopped this supplement from reaching an impeccable score were a couple of minor details. Now a days customers seem to be attracted to what ever is shiny and sexy. MM250's label  is about as basic as it can be which would never stop me from purchasing a supplement, especially when it is as mind-blowing as MM250. Many supplement buyers do judge a book by its cover, and that is something to keep in mind if a newer version ever hits the shelves. Lastly, the supplement doesn't say how much water to mix it with. One cup, one glass, one gallon? All of these could severely affect the taste, which in turn, would affect a lot of decisions to buy it or not. All in all, as long as the supplement has Skip La Cour's name on it, then I know I can trust it to help me reach my goals in a safe and effective manner. If you are as dedicated and results driven as I am, then you would be doing yourself a gigantic disservice by not investing in Mass Machine Nutrition's MM250.