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Liability insurance is increasingly becoming an essential part of massage therapy. Since you will be dealing with clients physically, untoward incidents may happen like being blamed for an injury or aggravating an injury that's pre existing. Impossible as it may seem but there are customers who sue you for slipping on the wet floor that was newly-mopped. Might as well protect your business, right?

Types of Massage Liability Insurance

There are two types of Massage Liability Insurance. A good massage liability insurance should have both these are included to get the full coverage.

Professional Liability Insurance

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This is also referred as malpractice insurance protects you when a client claims that they got injured because of your negligence or incompetence. An example scenario would be when a client gets a bruised back, neck, ribs, hamstrings, etc. while under your therapy.

Product Liability Insurance

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The product liability insurance will come in handy if a client claims that he/she got injured because of the product used during the massage therapy session like being burned by a hot rock or an allergic reaction to lubricants, lotions, analgesics, and creams.

Pay Attention to Fine Print

Some massage liability insurance products may be very appealing on the front page but almost every policy come with disclaimers that are mostly disregarded. The policy may say you have full coverage but in the fine print, exemptions are made, which will end up as you not getting what you actually need.

Ask Questions


You have to clearly understand every section of the contract. If there is a single part of it which you are not so sure about, ask an attorney to review the contact with you. Don’t hesitate to ask with the fear of appearing ignorant because this is business at stake here.

Join a Professional Massage Organization

It is a good idea to be involved in a Professional Massage Organization because of the professionalism and legitimacy it brings. It is even promoted in the media so you gain more exposure. The top three of these organizations are the American Massage Therapy Association, the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionalism, and the International Massage Association.

Look Around for Better Deals

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Before deciding to invest in an insurance company, shop around for packages that offer more inclusions and compare the rates. This may take time but it will all be worth it. Even after you have signed up with one company, don’t assume that the rates will be the same after one year. This may even be the catch of cheap packages so always check the rates before you renew the contract.


It only takes few hundred dollars for insurance out of the thousand that you may earn with massage therapy in a year. Although no one wants anything bad to happen, getting massage liability insurance will give the peace of mind that you won’t lose millions just because of a lawsuit about your brand of massage lotion or that slippery floor in the hallway or even the most impossible claims your creative clients can come up with.