Tips for choosing a massage table for home massage

Massage has become a well-known form of stress relief and an effective aid to relaxation for people of all ages from babies to the elderly. At one time if you wanted a massage you would have to book an appointment at a local health spa, but nowadays many people are choosing to buy their own portable massage table for use at home. Home massage is becoming increasingly popular for many different ailments from headaches to sleep problems.

Parents are using massage as an aid to help young babies to relax and sleep better, it has been found to be most beneficial to babies who suffer with colic or reflux. It is also believed to help parents and young babies to bond. Baby massage classes are widely available and having your own massage table at home is a great way to continue with the practice at home.

If you are considering buying a portable massage table there are a few things you should take into consideration.

First you should consider how much storage you have available in your home for when your table is not in use. Most portable massage tables are foldable and come with a carry case, which is ideal for travel.

You should also consider how much you are willing to spend; this should be based on a few factors.

  • How often you intend to use your table, if it is only for occasional use there is no point in spending a lot of money, however, if on the other hand you are hoping to use your massage table several times a week you should look for a table that is going to offer comfort and durability.
  • Who is going to be using the table, many massage tables have a weight limit, ensure you check the weight limits before you buy.
    The level of comfort required
  • Functions - a home massage table can vary greatly in functions and you can purchase anything from a standard table for basic use to a fully adjustable table suitable for Reiki, Shiatsu and many other types of therapies.

For most people a standard massage table will be adequate for their requirements. A standard massage table should have arm and footrests and an adjustable padded headrest. Many will include extra features although these are not necessary for most people. Prices vary from $150 up to $450 depending on the design you choose.

Tips for buying a massage table for massage therapy students

If you are studying massage therapy one of the first purchases you will make will be your own massage table. If you are only starting out with your studies a standard portable table should be adequate for your needs.

There are several types of tables available depending on the different therapies but for anyone starting out in the career of massage therapy there are a few basic features you should look for in your first table:

  • Adjustable legs - many tables come with leg extensions to suit different height requirements

  • Weight requirements - most tables are tested to a certain weight, make sure your table is going to be suitable for the different weight requirements of your clients.

  • Table width -This is an important consideration, a narrower table will allow you greater access to your client however a wider table offers greater comfort for the user.

Massage Table Accessories

If you are studying any other forms of therapy then you should consider buying a table with some of the following accessories.

Reiki Endplates
These allow you to place your legs between the legs of the massage table allowing you easier contact with the client, which is important for anyone practicing Reiki

Shiatsu Release Cables
These are important for anyone practicing Shiatsu; they allow you to collapse the legs of your table so that you table is placed closer to the ground as Shiatsu is traditionally performed on floor mats or futons. Having Release cables allows you to practice both traditional massage and Shiatsu.

Most professional massage tables offer these accessories for free but if you shop around you can find affordable starter massage tables that come equipped with these at no extra cost.

Massage tables for different uses

There are many different types of massage from traditional massage and baby massage to sports injury massage. The type of massage table you require can vary depending on the type of massage you intent to practice. If you are looking for a massage table for occasional home use only then you really do not need to purchase an expensive table, a standard table will be more than adequate. Where you choose to buy your table is also important, most suppliers will be able to help you choose a table suitable for your personal needs.

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