Your wife constantly complains that she is always tired and says you never help out around the house. You know you are not a great cook. No one will eat whenever you cook. You also are not a DIY person. You have tried on many occasions to repair the toilets only to have to pay the plumber to repair the damaged you have caused. Since then, whenever you try to fix anything in the house your family screams at you, and tell you to stay away. They prefer that you pay a professional instead of attempting anything yourself. If you want to give your wife stress relief, there is still something you can do. Nobody is really bad at everything. All hope is not lost. You can still give your wife a great massage that will make her happy, relax and stress free.

If you offer to massage your wife several times a week, she will never refuse your offer. Women love to have their spouse hands all over them. How do you massage your wife?

You buy some massaging oil. Don't buy the ones with stronger smell. Don't be fooled by expensive massaging oil either. Any natural, cheap massaging oil will do. Some people will use baby oil or mineral oil. They are cheap and are available everywhere.

Before you start the massage, don't think you will get lucky with your wife. You are there to give and not take. At least you will enjoy the view. It is all about her and relaxing and relieving her of stress.

Because you are going to use oil to massage your wife, it will be clothes off. Yes, you will get an "eye full".

  • You get her to lie down on her back

  • Rub a little massage oil on your palm and use a sweeping action to work the oil into her legs and feet.

  • Apply a little pressure when massaging your wife so that she feels the benefit of the oil and your hands

  • Work your way from the feet to the lower legs and to the thighs and then the buttocks. Massaging your wife has its benefits

  • Change your hand movement by rubbing forward and backwards or rubbing the massage oil onto her body in a circle

  • Move from the buttocks to the lower back and up to the shoulders. Gently apply the oil over your wife's back and shoulders and do not apply pressure to her spine.

  • Massage your wife's shoulders to the arms and move down to her fingers.

  • By the time you get to this stage, you wife will probably be asleep and really relaxed. You need to take your time when massaging your wife and she will not complain about it.

  • Get your wife to turn around and lie on her back.

  • Start massaging your wife with the oil and work your way from her feet upwards.

  • Rub the massage oil onto her thighs and pelvic areas. You may have to spread her legs and lift them up to get the massage oil onto every part of her anatomy. You might need a pair of sunglass to protect your eyes from the view.

  • Move upwards to her belly and apply little or no pressure.

  • Turn you attention to her breasts and apply sufficient massage oil. You might find this part of the massage most enjoyable and will spend most of your time here. Don't get carried away, you are her to massage your wife's body not just her breasts.

  • Once you are done with the above anatomy. Move sideways to the arms and work your way to the fingers.

  • Get a blanket to cover your wife after the massage to keep her warm and let her relax and get a good night sleep. The next morning, your wife will wake up feeling stress free and loving your even more. Yes, you are the man!

You are probably not very good a cooking or DIY, but at least you can gloat you give the best massage in the world. You wife might become addicted and schedule regular massage session. If that is all it takes to make your wife happy, then you are doing a good job.