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In the effort to relieve stress after a busy day or week, the popularity of massage therapy has increased significantly over the past few years. As people get busier, the need to unwind and relax the nerves multiplies. This opened the door to many massage therapy businesses. With the increasing competition among many of these businesses, it is important to have good marketing strategy to attract customers. It is a great way to direct customers’ attention to choosing you.

What to Include in your Massage Business Cards

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The front of the business card should have all these:

  • Company name and/or logo;
  • Company slogan or a short unique selling proposition;
  • Services offered including specialties;
  • Business address;
  • Contact details like Telephone or fax number, and Email address; and
  • Company website
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It is important that you choose a design that is professional for a better customer impression on your business. Keep the fonts simple, clean and easy to read. Pick a color that represents your business. A little art and style is okay but don’t overdo it. Again, it has to look professional.

Since you will be offering massage therapy, the card should look and feel good to give customers an idea of your taste when it comes to providing relaxation services. Use paper with good texture. It doesn’t have to be expensive, though.

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Be consistent with the design you use in all your marketing materials including the massage business cards. This will make people remember you even at a glance. Using different designs will confuse the customers on what image your company is really trying to portray.

Relevant Information

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When giving out the massage business card, you are not only providing contact information your clients but also trying to advertise your business. Aside from the previously mentioned essentials you have to put on the front of your card, you can also make use of the back of the card. These are suggestions on what write there:

  • Handwritten customer’s comment

This is a way of reminding customers of their experience right after the session. One day, when they slip the card out of their wallet, they will read it and be reminded of the simple gesture of your handwriting, and eventually will want to come back or give you a call.

  • Next appointment date and time

So they decided to come back next month for another massage therapy. That’s great! But because of their busy life, it might just slip out of their minds. So this will help in adding you to their weekly planner.

  • A discount offer

“Save 15% off on your next visit. Just present this card.” That sounds enticing. It will surely attract customers to come back.

  • Referral programs

This is a clever way of growing your network of customers. You don’t even have to pay for agents because your customers will eagerly do it for you. All they need to do is bring a few friends and they get a free session.