Massage Therapy Certification

The goal of choosing the best massage therapy school and taking massage therapy courses is to receive your own massage therapy certification and then find a job afterwards or establish your own massage clinic.

Massage therapy certification is given by the school as proof that you have attended and completed all of the requirements of the course. And finally getting your massage therapy certification could mean advancement in the career you are pursuing. Obtaining your certification also shows the public that you are competent and passed the national ethics and standards of your state, meaning you have met all the required courses to practice what you have learned. Next to graduation and getting your massage therapy certification is securing a start of your new career.

Employers nowadays are looking at the certificates and thoroughly reviewing the applicant's assessments before hiring them. However there is also a higher certificate that most therapists are aiming for. There is actually no federal regulation that governs to massage practice, however there is a standard that is recognized for massage therapy certification which is carefully held by an institution in the United States.

Massage therapy has grown so wide and is accepted as medical, physical and alternative health remedy that it needs to have a set of qualifying standards and also for certification. In most cases, massage therapy certification is needed and is also one of the strong stands to get a license to practice.

There is a requirement to possess a Massage Therapy Certification. Here are the requirements: a complete and specified level of massage therapy education, proof that you went on formal training, proof of experience, proficiency in core massage therapy skills and also demonstrate knowledge on applied and ethical business practice. It also requires you to have at least 500 hours of course work to get a national certification. The required curriculum must include the subjects of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, first aid and hygiene and practical instruction in massage technique. And lastly, is to pass the written examination given by your state.

This certificate has many functions. It especially serves as a licensure in those states that uses the measure of standards. Most important is its protection of the public, employers and the therapist. This certification is one of the only means to ensure that the consistency of meeting the standards for massage therapy is being practiced. All therapists who were certified means that they passed the board which is strictly maintaining the quality and professionalism in this field.