Message therapy is a very popular form of treatment all around world. It is used for various health-related purposes and this considered a form of alternative medicine. Although there is very little scientific evidence of the benefits of the therapy it is highly popular due to fewer risks if applied in the correct manner and provided by a trained professional. The first step for undergoing the method of treatment is to fill in the message therapy intake form. 

Massage therapy goes back to ancient times and civilizations in China, India, Japan, Greece and many other countries have documented writings. It became very popular during the Renaissance in Europe and was introduced in the United States in the early 20th century. Though its popularity reduced it came back with revived interest in the 1970s due to athletes who used the therapy.

The therapy is used for a variety of reasons including pain relief, injuries related to sports, stress reduction, reduction in anxiety and depression, and general well-being.


Message therapy includes procedure in which the specialist presses and rubs the body in order to manipulate the muscles and affect the soft tissues of the body. This is carried out without any tools with bare hands, and sometimes professionals use their elbows, forearms or feet. In the beginning of the procedure patient has to lie down on the table in comfortable clothing or undress while being fully covered with a thin sheet. Oil or lotion is applied to the body so that the hands can be moved without any friction. Though most patients undergo the therapy lying down some people prefer sitting in a chair. The usual duration of the session is about one hour and some people may prefer a longer duration.


The method has minimal risks but it must be carried out by a thorough professional following the right precautions. There are hardly any serious injuries that have been reported or documented during this therapy. The only side-effect of the therapy may be a slight temporary discomfort due to the vigor of the massage. But this lasts for hardly a few minutes. Some people may be allergic to certain oils and this has to be ascertained in advance before going for the therapy.

There are some precautions the person must take before undergoing the treatment. In case of any bleeding or reduced blood platelet count the massage should be carried out in a light manner. People who are on the medication for blood thinning should also be careful. It is better to avoid carrying out the massage on healing wounds or skin infections. In case of a recent surgery it is better to be very careful before undergoing this therapy.

People who may be suffering from cancer must consult their doctor before undergoing rigorous massage. In case of tumors also the person must be very careful. Women who are pregnant must also consult their doctor before availing of the therapy.

The treatment is carried out by professionals who have undergone training programs which is usually approved by the State board. There are independent agencies like the Commission on Massage Therapy accreditation which certify such professionals. Practitioners are also certified in a national examination conducted by a National Certification Board. 


Before undergoing the therapy the patient must fill in the message therapy intake form that is provided to him. The form must contain personal details of the person and information about the medical history of the patient. Any previous history of undergoing the therapy also has to be stated. Any illnesses or disorders have to be named in the form with relevant details. At the end of the form the person has to sign an undertaking which includes excluding the provider of the message therapy from any liability.