Anyone that suffers from chronic pain is diligently searching for relief. There are various types of medications that are typically subscribed to patient that allow them to have pain relief to an extent. However, there are drawbacks to prescription medications used for relieving chronic pain.

  • Not all medications work for everyone
  • There are numerous side effects for prescription medications
  • With pain medication you usually take the edge off but it is never completely gone
  • Your sleep and life is disrupted
  • You can develop a tolerance for pain medications which means they will not work as effectively or as they should over a period of time

Massage therapy has shown to be very beneficial for chronic pain sufferers without any of these disadvantages. You want what works best for your body and helps your body to feel it's best.

Massage therapy of some sort has been performed on many people over a thousand years. Psychologically the human touch can be beneficial mentally as well as physically.  Human touch has been developed into several forms of holistic medicine.

Therapists who specialize in massage treat each patient on an individual basis. Each client is specified and focused on individually for his/her care. Some therapists are part of clinics, work from their own office or come to your home or place of business for treatment.

Massage is one of the best ways to break the cycle of chronic pain. Chronic pain leads to muscle tension, reduced circulation, movement restriction and all of these lead to more pain. Massage works for all of these which in turn breaks the cycle and leads to reduction or assistance with chronic pain with using prescription medications.

Massage with connections to muscle tension speaks for itself. By massaging muscles with professional techniques of therapists, the tension is relieved.

Tight muscles will also reduce the circulation through your body. Reduction in circulation relates to waste products not being removed and leaves you with feelings of fatigue and soreness. Massage will improve circulation by releasing the tight muscles. Blood vessels will dilate and increase the flow of blood.  With the increase of blood flow, waste products are cleared away and substituted with nutrients and oxygen, both products that your body will make great use of.

With stretching those muscles and allowing for the tension and constriction to decrease, movement becomes easier for the body. Stretching and kneading motions of therapy will soften and lengthen the connective tissue found in these muscles and problem areas.

Therapy for chronic pain will help you gain normal movement, remove wasteful material from your body and stretching shortened muscles. Many people find renewed energy because they can feel the benefits of massage almost immediately following a session.

There are various types of massage that have been proven better at relieving chronic pain than others. For example, the Swedish form of massage feels great it is not the best for chronic pain sufferers. When searching for a therapist, attempt to locate one that specializes in chronic pain suffering. These are usually neuromuscular pain relief therapists, deep tissue massage or Myofascial release.