Do you suffer from massive blackheads and are you wondering how to get rid of them at home fast? If you have blackheads on your nose or even you chest or shoulders, this isn't out of the ordinary. This is a non-inflammatory type of acne that shouldn't be popped, although many people do this. You can actually cause a bad scar in that area and it can actually get infected and red. Thankfully there are a couple of ways you can get rid of a blackhead without causing a permanent scar or pain. I will offer some possible solutions below. 

What is a Blackhead  - The Definition

First, you must understand what exactly these black things are. According to, it is an "open comedo," or the "primary sign of acne, which consists of a widened hair follicle filled with skin debris, bacteria, and oil called sebum."

They seem to turn up when regular acne turns up and the best way to prevent them is to keep your skin clean and healthy by washing several times a day. 

How Do You Get Rid of Blackheads Fast?

- Do not pop them with your fingers. Instead I would suggest this dermatologist recommended remover. This will remove them safely and cause no damage or scarring to your skin. 

Seki Edge Blackhead Remover
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Prevent Blackheads Easily

To prevent them from ever happening I would recommend washing your face often but not with regular soap - get something more specialized such as this neutrogena daily scrub below. 

This should both help you eliminate current blackheads and prevent future ones! 

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Other Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads at Home Fast

There are a couple of home remedies for blackhead removal that I have read online that might work for you.

- Mix sugar, honey and lemon juice to form an exfoliator. Rub on skin leave for 10 min and rinse with hot water. The lemon juice brightens skin while the sugar exfoliates it. The honey is just to bind it and so you can use natural yogurt or anything else NATURAL (ie no syrup or chocolate).

- As a facemask you can mix avocado, yogurt and lime juice and leave for 20 min before rinsing. (Source:

- I've also read that putting toothpaste on your nose after a hot water face cloth works.

*For Severe Cases of Blackheads, Acne and Scars 

This is a good salicylic acid that should not only help you get rid of and prevent blackheads but should help you get rid of previous facial scars from acne.

It should also really help you get rid of normal acne if you have that too.

Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional)
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What Else You Should Do To Prevent Blackheads 

You might want to consider changing what foods you eat. If you eat greasy fat foods such as burgers or french fries, this could be a major cause of your acne or blackheads. 

- Also consider drinking more natural water and cutting out sodas and sugary drinks. 

- As I mentioned above, wash your face daily! I cannot stress this enough. But make sure you use a good cleanser. Search for the best facial cleansers for blackheads. I prefer apricot scrubs. I also have used Proactiv in the past with good success.

- Don't pop your acne or blackheads and try not to touch your face during the day! Wash your hands multiple times daily as well. 

- Consider putting on a facial mask at night for even better skin. 

Hopefully this article will help you get rid of massive blackheads and taught you how to prevent and treat them properly!