These great games have one fantastic thing in common

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO or MMOG) are some of the most popular games of today.  More and more, video game developers are blending this game type with other popular game types like strategy (RTS), first person shooter games (FPS), and Role Playing Games (RPG).  Three of these blended type games are now in testing for release within the year.  End of Nations is an MMORTS, Firefall is an MMOFPS, and Repopulation is an MMORPG.  Another game feature each of these games share is also sweeping through the industry.  You'll have to read to the end if you want to find out what it is, so keep reading.
An MMORTS combines the mechanics of a Real Time Strategy game, with the massive playerbase of an MMO.  Warcraft III is an example of an RTS games.  End of Nations is an MMORTS in development.  It lets you control a company in one of two armies; the Liberation Front or the Shadow Resistance.  You create your own unit composition, staying within your allotment of points.  Every unit in your company is worth a certain amount of points.  There are air units, ground units, offensive units, defensive units, and buildings.  New units and player abilities are available through research as you level.  Once players have assembled a unit, they can queue up for PvP combat in matches of 2 to 56 players.  End of Nations has had several beta weekend events, and is available for preorder now.
An MMOFPS combines First Person Shooter games and MMOS.  Battlefield 3 is an example of an FPS game.  Firefall is an MMOFPS being developed.  The game's story takes place in the future on Earth.  Humanity has suffered two great disasters and faces extinction.  Your character can jump into several "battleframes" or MEK suits to fend off enemies.  There are crafting skills and various social elements as in MMORPGs.  The game perspective is from a First Person point of view, as opposed to the normal third person.  FPS games are known to rely on how fast you can react and activate your attacks.  The developers of Firefall promise e-sports viability, as well as a heavy emphasis on team combat.  If FPS games are your preference, then you should check out this game.  Currently Firefall is accepting beta testing applications.
MMORPGs are among the oldest MMO hybrids, as Role Playing Games are quite popular.  Similar in scope to other MMORPGs, Repopulation promises an amazing breadth of features.  World of Warcraft is probably the most well-known MMORPG.  Repopulation promises a "sandbox" experience.  You have three options when choosing a faction.  Join one of two pre-existing factions, or join a player made faction.  The level of customization is astounding including furniture, buildings, and towns.  Instead of classes, you choose your own path by picking individual skills.  This is similar to the system in Guild Wars 2.  Repopulation is not limited to combat-driven classes, there are even peaceful options like politicians.  For those that do enjoy PvP combat, the announced mechanics certainly sound promising.  Momentum, limb shots, and a promise to have a place for vehicles in PvP.  Currently this game is taking applications for alpha testing.
Like I mentioned at the start of this article, there is one fantastic feature these games share.  Each one will be F2P (Free to Play)!  You can enjoy three vastly different MMO gaming styles, all for the low price of absolutely nothing.  If you one of them interests you,, make sure you sign up to test them.  Their websites offer a lot of video and reading materials for you to look over.  Take a few minutes and look over each one and decide for yourself.  You won't beat the value they offer!