Due to breast cancer a woman can have one or both breasts removed following surgery. A Mastectomy bra differs from an ordinary bra in that it is designed to hold a breast prothesis in place.

Mastectomy is still a common procedure for more advanced breast cancers and women undergoing one have not only the trauma of having had cancer to go through but also the psychological problems that are associated with change in body image and self perception of identity and sexuality.

It is not uncommon for many women to become almost recluses following surgery as they struggle to face the outside world. They find it hard to get back into the normality of day to day life and struggle emotionally.

Many women who have already suffered physical and emotional trauma will not want to go straight into breast reconstruction surgery. This is where a mastectomy bra can become a great alternative. As the prosthesis will not be stuck to the flesh a mastectomy bra, with its special pockets for the prosthesis will be both essential and invaluable.

So when can a woman start wearing a mastectomy bra? Most physicians reccomend a wait of 2-8 weeks to enable the woman to physically heal from the surgery although some women take longer due to various factors which include the invasiveness of the surgery, their own healing patterns and their general state of health.
Most women know of the need to wear a correctly fitted bra. They know that a bra that is not fitted correctly causes back problems and can cause skin soreness. If this is true for an ordinary bra imagine how important it becomes for a mastectomy bra. A woman must be totally comfortable with the fitting and the positioning of the bra in order to ensure that scar tissue is not aggravated as well as the common bra related essentials already mentioned.

You may be having nightmares of boring, old, dated garments that are more like surgical appliances than something to wear. Rest assured the market in mastectomy bras has progressed many fold and you can now find mastectomy bras to suit most styles. Mastectomy bras can be stylish, sexy and the latest in fashion. Obviously they need the same basic criteria of being able to hold the prosthesis but that apart the range is wide and changing constantly.
You can even find some retailers who will let you browse the conventional range of bras and then choose the ones you want and have them converted to mastectomy bras.

So if you or someone you know has undergone a mastectomy or is due to undergo one remeber that you do not have to rush into breast reconstruction until you are physically and emotionally ready, if you ever choose that option at all. That there are mastectomy bras in a range of styles and fashions that can keep you looking and feeling as good as you ever did.