There are many different detox programs available from a variety of companies that claim to aid in weight loss and providing a number of other health benefits. Aloe vera is considered to be a healthy element that promotes good health and vitality if made part of a detox cleanse program like master cleanse with aloe vera.

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Aloe Vera, also known as medicinal aloe is a plant with thick leaves that usually grows in arid climates and is widely available in Pakistan, India and Africa. It has a variety of herbal uses and said to have medicinal properties. Scientific research has come up with a proof of some of the medicinal and healing properties of aloe.

What is Master Cleanse?

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Master cleanse is a kind of detox program. Detox is the process through which one gets rid of the toxins centered in the body especially around the intestine and stomach. Master cleanse is a very well known detox plan that has been around for ages. Master cleanse detox consists of a series of fasting and staying on liquid foods like aloe vera juice.

What Is Aloe Vera Good For?

Aloe Vera has a number of benefits. It is great for the skin and it can also work as an acne fighter. It has remarkable soothing, healing and moisturizing properties which are frequently used in various cosmetic purposes.

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Drinking aloe vera juice can help clear out the digestive system and also provides relief from a number of digestion related issues like heartburn and IBS. Aloe is also used as a fresh food preservative and for many water conservation reasons.

Aloe vera is also used for burns and for soothing wounds and healing them. Aloe vera can also cure mild infections along with diabetes, sebaceous cyst and elevated blood lipids condition. The reason for this is attributed mainly to the presence of anthraquinones, polysaccharides and lectins. These days aloe vera is also part of food substances like aloe vera pickle and aloe vera desserts.

The Master Cleanse Aloe Vera System

The Aloe vera Master Cleanse system is gaining a lot of popularity these days because it seems to show incredible weight loss results. Detox diets have almost become a fashion and aloe vera master cleanse program is no different.

But it is important to note that aloe vera may have side effects when taken in large quantities especially without taking any other foods. Aloe vera taken orally can also have a high toxicity factor which means you have to be careful in eating this plant species.

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There are also many side effects to detox systems and they are known to be quite dangerously low in calories which can cause harm and several life threatening complications. The master cleanse program is supposed to be taken for ten days but not every can actually accomplish that.


Aloe vera does have some amazing medicinal properties but it is best to make use of it as a topical application and for use in cosmetics. The Master Cleanse detox with Aloe Vera is a detox diet and all detox diets have side effects which should be kept in mind.