If it is your turn to cook this year and you are terrified of cooking the main event, then something to consider would be a Masterbuilt indoor turkey fryer.

Sits On the Counter - Stainless Steel Electric

You are probably now having visions of those professional rated ones that sit outside to cook the turkey over a fire or using gas, and although you can get those for those large parties, this particular model can sit right on the counter in your kitchen and safely deep fry a turkey or chicken to perfection without the dangers of lifting heavy pans out of the oven to constantly check the temperature and if it is ready or not.  Just plug it in to an electrical outlet and get started.Masterbuilt 20010109 Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

Masterbuilt indoor turkey fryerCredit: Amazon.com

Uses Much Less Oil

There is something about the taste of deep fried turkey and it can be hard to duplicate in the typical oven, but this indoor turkey fryer is very efficient and uses much less oil than those larger commercial types.

Cooks Up to a 14 Pound Turkey

This masterbuilt indoor turkey fryer is designed to cook turkeys approximately 14 pounds or less, and with the built in filters there is no grease haze in the house at all, just the delicious aromas of cooking turkey or chicken.

You don’t need to be cooking all afternoon either, as it will cook a  thawed 14 pound turkey in less than an hour to perfection!  It has a digital timer and controls on the outside of the unit, and it comes with easy to use wire to lower the turkey basket into the oil.  You then close it and let it cook away.

This Turkey Fryer Can be Used For Any Deep Frying

This is one of those kitchen gadgets that should stay out on the counter ready for the next dinner.  No need to only get it out for Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can use this for any meal.  It can be used to cook other things such as Cornish hens, French fries, breaded shrimp or you can create great fish and chips without that lingering smell in the house.  It heats up the oil in less than 30 minutes, with powerful filters too,  and is 1650 watts of power.

Changing the Oil Is Easy

If you want to change the oil, then it has a simple drain at the back of the unit and you just drain it into a bottle or jug for disposal. Masterbuilt Indoor Turkey Fryer(99708)Credit: Amazon.com

The entire inside is dishwasher safe, you just have to wipe down the element with a damp cloth but the container can go in the dishwasher no problem.  This is a safe way to cook a chicken or turkey and it saves room in the oven if you are trying to time a larger dinner or entertaining, since the bird always took up the most room!

It has a stainless steel exterior, so it fits in with most kitchens and a porcelain coated interior pot.

Looks Good

Masterbuilt 20010109 Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer You can get a masterbuilt indoor turkey fryer for your counter at small appliance stores, but you can also get them online for an affordable price at sites such as Amazon which can qualify for free shipping too.  So, if you would like to wow everyone with the best turkey at the next event, then consider one of these for your kitchen.

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