Master I-SAM Model 1 Court Equipment Ball Throwing Machine

Becoming a competent tennis player will require training and frequent practice sessions. Developing tennis skills cannot be done quickly and requires high quality training sessions that will let players master the art of returning the ball over the opponent’s court and make it difficult for the opponent to hit the ball back. Beginners and intermediate players will find it insufficient to have two or three days training a week for tennis practice. Finding a personal trainer or companion for tennis training sessions might be difficult, especially for beginners. Sports equipments nowadays include machines that can help players train without the participation of another player. One of the tennis equipments that can provide tennis players with high quality training is the Master I-SAM Model 1 Court Equipment Ball Throwing Machines.

The Master I-SAM Model 1 Court Equipment Ball Throwing Machines is not your ordinary tennis ball throwing machine. This tennis ball thrower can cater tennis players of varying skill levels. This machine s made from high quality materials that are durable enough to handle frequent training sessions. The size of this tennis equipment is good enough to be transported anywhere and stored easily. This tennis equipment weighs only 29 pounds, without the hopper. This I-SAM Model 1 can be adjusted to reach an elevation that allows the balls to be thrown in groundstroke to lob modes. Beginners can start from a ball speed of 15 mph and intermediate players can b take the challenge of hitting tennis balls at a speed of 60 mph. The balls can be released at an interval range of 2 to 7 seconds, depending on the preferred settings of the user.  The I-SAM Model 1 can carry up to 250 tennis balls or more – good enough for a sweat of up to three hours, without the need to pick up the balls frequently. This tennis equipment is easy to set up and adjust according to the player’s preferences. The wide range of ball speeds can challenge players of all skill levels, help beginners develop their skills and allow good practices for returning balls at varying speeds. The oscillator tests the player’s agility to return the balls thrown at different directions. The battery can last up to two to three hours of game play and can be charged using a Fast Charger. This tennis machine is a good tool for developing great tennis swings and different tennis strokes with ease.

The I-SAM Model 1 is a good purchase that offers tennis players with a wide variety of options compared to buying more advanced equipments. Once the perfect location and all the necessary settings are all set, this tennis machine can provide good training sessions for both beginners and intermediate players. With the large ball capacity of this machine, tennis players will find it worthwhile to spend more time playing. This tennis equipment might be heavier compared to other tennis ball throwers, but is good enough to be used at home or in court. With the I-SAM Model 1, players can achieve intermediate skill levels in tennis quickly and intermediate players can enjoy that full body workout with a challenge.

The Master I-SAM Model 1 Court Equipment Ball Throwing Machine

The Master I-SAM Model 1