Improving a person's communications skill

The relationship of communications and the society

People go about their lives everyday. Catching rides on their way to their offices, making cups of coffee for customers in a coffee shop, some bake different varieties of bread for the morning buyers, others open their stores for the shoppers, while children as well as adults roam around their respective schools learning and studying the intricacies of their chosen courses. These activities are made possible by the use of human skills; be it mechanical, sensory or intellectual skills.

Some skills are utilized in basic jobs like washing the dishes, painting fences and cooking our meals for the day. Other skills are used in highly-qualified endeavors like writing a novel, doing accounting work for a large accounting firm, piloting an airliner towards a destination or launching a rocket into the realm of outer space. Some of these skills are acquired through education and experience, but others are already built in our consciousness by the time we are, born just waiting to be harnessed as we grow into adulthood.

Due to the fact that we use these skills everyday, we tend to take these for granted and place no special attention to them; hence, some of these remain unrefined that they tend to go back into the recesses of our sub-consciousness. We never know if these unused skills would be of great value in helping ourselves and our fellow men. These skills should be given importance, for we never know when or how we might lose them; and for some skills that we know that we have, we have to appreciate and harness them because our skills are unique compared to others. There are skills that only few people possess and other people envy, therefore, individual skills must be used and shared with others for the greater good.

Of all skills that majority of humans possess, none is more beautiful and essential than the power to communicate and understand. Despite the fact that almost all of humanity has the ability to talk and convey what our minds are thinking, wars and strife still exist in almost all of the corners of the globe. Much of these are caused by misunderstanding and the stubborn habit of doing hasty actions without hearing first the side of the other group.

The ability to talk comes naturally to almost all us; say, talking gibberish in a talk show or gossiping around about the latest issue between two controversial individuals. But the ability to wield this skill to communicate into an instrument capable of fostering understanding and peace between warring countries, rival parties, fighting clans and broken relationships has eluded many of us. The power of understanding through communication had been a positive force that sealed, for the benefit of the many, peace treaties, peaceful revolutions against tyranny and cultural enlightenment that bridged the divide between understanding and ignorance. This skill, at the micro-level, has given simple letters and paragraphs life through orations and skillful debate. Communication through the use of the pen, has given us also beautiful lines written in prose, verses and poems. The benefits given by the skillful use of communication and understanding are immeasurable; hence, the need for its mastery.

Imagine a world without wars, chaos and strife. All the world leaders have to do is to sit around a conference table and settle their differences through skillful communication. Of course, this needs also understanding on every individual's part, as more talk and less understanding often lead to bickering.

Imagine a world where the communication barrier between Germans, Japanese and Americans would cease to exist through a unified language known to these nationalities. There will be free-flow of information among them. Business ventures would be made immediately, inter-racial communities would flourish sans conflict, and diverse groups of people would appreciate each other's cultural differences. At the utopian level, the world would become one without the racial, cultural, economic, and language divisions between countries.

Nothing is lost but more is to be gained by mastering this skill of effective communication with understanding. The consequences would be immense if this skill is not practiced by every individual; wars will remain, different nationalities would be alienated by each other's culture and ways, selected countries' economy will fall due to confusion in stock exchanges or more litigations will exist between individuals because of misunderstandings between neighbors and friends.

Although, these examples are given using a wider perspective, these remain applicable to our everyday lives; little things such as understanding our parents' orders or listening to our teachers' lessons would be a difficulty without the effective use of communication and understanding.

As the world gets smaller with the increasing sophistication of communications equipments, more people of different backgrounds and cultures across borders will be keeping in touch with each other. The border lines between countries, and individual delineations and barriers between individuals would slowly be erased through the practice of effective communication and understanding.