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Single and Dating

This article is for singles who find it hard to make the time to meet a match throughout their daily busy schedule.  Work, responsibilities and family take up a lot of time while not always offering a single person to meet new people.  So where do singles turn to meet other singles seeking a match?

My name is Michelle, I'm 42-years-old and single.  I've been single for a few years now and find it difficult to meet single eligible men within my circle of friends and family.  I decided to sit down one night to do some research about online dating sites and I got lost for a couple of hours browsing and researching but I did come to a decision.  I decided to join eHarmony.

OK, I decided to join eHarmony and when I made the decision I told myself I needed to keep an open mind to the new way of meeting singles.  It wasn't easy but felt it was high time I start to get out there again and that's hard to do when your a young 42-year-old and a 42-year-old who does not do the same things as I did in my twenties or even early thirties.  My interests have changed and my lifestyle has changed too but it's all good.

Let me explain why I decided to join eHarmony over all the other online dating sites available.  I decided to join for a three month membership.  After joining I was then directed to fill out an extensive profile describing myself and what I am looking for in a match.  It took me about an hour to fill out the profile and the eHarmony match system started to match me up with singles.  After receiving matches for the first couple of weeks, I decided to tweak my profile and decided to change the age range of singles I wanted to be matched up with.  At first I was getting matched with fifty year old men but I was not looking for someone much older than I.  I wanted to get matched with someone a couple of years younger or older than I.  The eHarmony match system started to match me up with people within my age group and made a match.

What I appreciate about the eHarmony matching system is that it offers a four stage communication before you reach the opportunity for email communication.  The matching process I feel helped me meet someone without sharing to much information to fast while protecting my identity.  You don't have to go through the four stage communication process but I do recommend it.  I felt it helped me weed out the matches sent to me before I met a match.  Keep in mind that it is a computer match system that matches people together and computers can only do so much.  You still need to read through the profile matches sent to you but not having to browse through endless profiles saves a huge amount of time while giving you a chance to feel  a match out.

There are so many free resources online to find out what online dating website would be a good fit for you and many people do share their experiences using online dating sites which include the good and the not so good.  I started doing my research at YouTube which lead me to endless YouTube channels that speak about online dating sites, speed dating and speak about dating in general.  Many of the channels offer great advice and I do recommend researching through YouTube and I'm sure you will find the answers your looking for.  Keep safe while having fun.