Matching blue with different colors saves you money because you get new life out of the pieces you already have while wearing them in different ways. You probably wear blue several times a week even if you don't know what to wear blue with. Blue is thought of as one of the most popular favorite colors throughout the entire world. You probably have stacks of blue jeans sitting in your closet. If you don't usually wear a lot of color, start with blue. It will look great with almost every skin tone, eye color & hair color. Plus, you will still be wearing an actual color, but you won't feel too out there. Here is how to bring blue into your wardrobe by knowing what to wear blue with, beyond the jeans.

Make the color wheel work for you. Blue is across from orange on the color wheel. However, this color combination can make you feel a little bit like a football team. Instead, look for a shade of orange that you can work with. Brown is called "deep orange" & looks fantastic with blue. You can also try a warm metallic to add spice to your outfit. Pair blue with bright copper accessories, shoes & even a handbag to make the most of the complimentary colors.

Find the hottest shades of blue. Since blue is so easy to wear, there are usually a few shades that become the new trend every season. Right now it seems to be bright turquoise or teal. Invest in a few sweaters that will help cheer up those dreary winter days. If you wear turquoise, blue will even work with black because there will be enough difference to make both colors pop.

Make it sophisticated. Blue is usually a casual color. Find a slate blue satin dress for your next formal event that will have everyone in love with your color choice. You can wear your favorite color to a wedding or even prom.

Wear blue accessories. Buying gemstone jewelry can be a real investment. If it is your first piece, you will want something that you can wear every day. A large percentage of the different birthstones are blue. Choose a lighter color that will still work even if you wear black. This way you can still wear your favorite color when you need to go for a more conservative look. It also adds unique sparkle to an evening gown if you can't afford diamonds.

Find an unusual shade. It might feel like blue is the go to color. You can make it all your own, like Tiffany's did with their little blue box. Fade it out into a steel color that will have everyone impressed. They will be falling in love with blue and you all over again.