Marriage Tattoo Designs

Matching Marriage Tattoo Designs

marriage tattoo designs

If you're a fan of cool and unique tattoos, and you're planning to get married, you and your partner might want to consider designing a marriage tattoo design together. Marriage tattoo designs are a really cool tattoo variation: basically, you choose two tattoos that match, correspond or otherwise link to one other. 

There are a bunch of cool ways to configure your matching marriage tattoos, and I'll go over a few of the most popular types and techniques. Hopefully this will be inspirational and make your wedding tattoo choice a little easier. 

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Wedding Ring Tattoos

Matching Marriage Tattoo Designs

Funny little tattoo design for weddings

I have another article on wedding ring tattoos, and I think they're pretty great. You can check out the details in that article by following the link, but the basic premise is that you choose to tattoo a ring design on your finger instead of having a physical metal ring. 

Wedding ring tattoos are a great way for a married couple to show their affection and eternal love for one another. The rings can be of any design or type: they can even just be a single image tattooed to the top of the finger. 

Ring designs are great as marriage tattoos go. They will save you money (as opposed to a precious metal ring), are there for life, and will create a lot of attention. Plus no ring tan!

Marriage Tattoos That Match

wedding tattoo

Matching tattoos are a great idea, especially for a couple with a particular image, idea or piece of text that's important. With matching wedding tattoos, you just pick something that you both really like, and get the exact same tattoo, often in the exact same location on the body.

The one difficulty you might run into with matching wedding tattoo designs is choosing the design together! People have differing tastes, especially as regards to permanent tattoo placement. Just be patient with one another, and try to remember important moments, inside jokes or favorite books and movies. Put your heads together and I'm sure you'll come up with something!

Half Tattoos

Marriage Tattoo Designs

marriage tattoos

A nice option that I really like is the half tattoo that matches. In this, you choose a wedding tattoo design that you both agree on, and then split it in half. One of you takes one side, and the other one takes the other. This is best placed on a part of your body you can bring together to show off the whole design. 

You can create a puzzle tattoo, a circle split in half, or any image that can be nicely separated into two halves. With this wedding tattoo design, you want to make sure that each half design looks great as a standalone: you won't be with each other 24 hours a day, so you don't want to look silly when you're apart (or have to explain every half hour). 

Lots of Wedding Tattoo Design Options

Matching Marriage Tattoos & Designs

Be sure to look around and do some searches to see what's out there. What I've touched on in this article is just designed to whet your appetite and get you started. Good luck with your wedding tattoo design search!