Why the delay?


If maternity allowance payment takes months to come through then the women relying on it are going to end up in a lot of financial difficulty at a very crucial time. The first few months after birth are vital for a mother and child and stress should be kept to a minimum. Worrying about money issues is not something that is going to be good for the mother in this situation and if this worry is brought on due to the government being slow to process maternity payments then this is a disgrace.


If they are offering maternity allowance payment, then they need to ensure that it is sent through on time and without any hassle. They should be going out of their way to ensure that the help they offer is going to be kept to. A new mother is always in a vulnerable financial position, as going to work is simply not an option. It is not fair to leave them waiting for money that they will have budgeted for. If the government want to help out new mothers with maternity payments then they need to ensure that they do this on time and without any clerical errors.


Maternity Allowance How Much

If you were to think about maternity allowance how much would you offer? Would you think it was fair to give out only $100 per month? I actually think that this amount is an insult and a waste of time. If you are giving this money to a woman who usually gets paid a full time wage, or is a single mum, then it will simply not be enough. It would be gone within a week and then what is she supposed to do? The amount should be around 5 to 10 times this, and if I was the one deciding then I would decide it based on the usual monthly wage of the woman.

The real question should be maternity allowance how much is it benefitting the state? Mothers should get the most help possible, and it is definitely worth spending out on. The government waste money all over the place, so spending a decent amount helping out with maternity allowance seems like a good thing to do. It is a better use of money than many other schemes, and if the tightened up on wasted money on administration there would be plenty more in the pot to spend.


Maternity allowance for self employed

Giving maternity allowance for self employed people is a ridiculous waste of public money, and is something that should never be allowed to happen. There are a whole host of reasons for this, the first one being that depending on what their business is, they may well still be able to work from home whilst the maternity allowance money is getting paid to them. If they were a freelance writer for instance, they could do this whilst claiming money from the government. It would be almost impossible to vet the system properly and therefore, many people would abuse it and claim money they were not entitled to. I know loads of people that would love to claim $1000 per month if they had the chance, especially if they were still working at the same time!

Another reason that maternity money for self employed women is not a good idea is that by deciding to become self employed, people make a decision to take responsibility for their own lives, and this includes the risk of loosing money when unable to work for whatever reason. It is not up to the rest of us to payout through public money for someone to have time away for their own business. I guarantee most would still be able to work anyway and would be laughing at the rest of us as they doubled up on their earnings.


Having Twins

If you are having twins then a maternity allowance application should cater for this need. I am not sure whether the current system easily deals with this situation or not. If it does not, and multiple forms need to be filled out, then things need to be changed. Having twins should not change the process of the application, as this is not necessary. What is necessary though is a change in the outcome of the application. Having twins means that the money available in the allowance should be doubled. Although the amount of time off work will be exactly the same for the mother to be, and therefore the potential earnings lost will be the same as if they were having one child, they are expecting two, and this should be taken into consideration in such circumstances.

The mother will be in more need of money after the births as she will have double the amount to pay out in the future over someone who has applied for a maternity allowance application and is only expecting one child. Any help we can give to a mother to be is worthwhile, and we should not be so tight with our money.


Virtual Consultancy?

Having a maternity allowance contact telephone number going through to a virtual consultancy may seem a little strange at first, but when you consider everything involved, it is actually not a bad idea at all. I thought that it sounded terrible at first; as surely people seeking help should be able speak directly to a human. People who are expecting a baby, and are in need of financial help are probably in quite a stressful situation, and this would not be helped by the virtual consultancy if they were unable to clearly and easily resolve the issues.

The more I have thought about the issue of a maternity allowance contact telephone number going through to a virtual consultancy the better I think the idea is. First of all it saves on costs. This is a huge benefit for everyone as the more money saved on admin costs, the more money that can be handed out. Secondly, the new virtual consultancies that are available are more than adequate, and people should learn to keep up with the times; and this is definitely how a lot more things will be operated in the future. People should be happy for the help, no matter how it comes.