Body jewellery is a great way to adorn your body and express yourself, whether you want something subtle or loud, there are many pieces of body jewellery to choose from.  But what if you have a belly button ring, and now you are pregnant? 

Do you let it grow in and then have it redone after the baby is born?  Or do you simply fit in a small ring to retain the piercing until after the baby is born?

This is a personal choice.  It was only a few decades ago that pregnant women basically hid under baggy clothes and tried to hide their growing baby bump, but things have changed, and many young women will still wear their bikini to the beach while pregnant. 

If you have a belly piercing and want to retain it, you can simply put in a small piece of jewellery that will hold the piercing until after the baby is born, and once you get back into your pre-pregnant shape you can then shop once again for your jewellery with no fears of having to have the piercing redone.  Of course this all depends on your Maternity Belly Button Ringscomfort level, and if your doctor agrees.

If you like the idea of continuing to these rings while you are expecting, and not hide under baggy clothes, then there are a great line of maternity ones on the market now. Baby on Board Pregnant Belly Ring

  These are for real piercings, but you can also get clip on ones that can still adorn your pregnant belly if you want to come away from a piercing.

If you want to show off the fact that you are pregnant then consider shopping for maternity ones.  You can usually get these at body jewellery stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.  Check your favourite jewellery store anclip on belly button ringsd see if they have an online presence.  Many stores will offer more variety online.

If you don’t have a piercing but love the idea of wearing body jewellery, especially belly jewellery, then consider getting clip on belly button rings.  These are just as authentic looking as the real deal, and because you don’t have to shop for expensive posts on the jewellery, such as gold or surgical steel, you can afford more pieces for your accessory wardrobe. 

Clip on belly button rings are affordable and are usually sold for under 10 dollars.  There is a great line now of “fake” body jewellery for any part of your body, you just have to look for them in the body jewellery stores and online.  This is also a great way to get the look but without the pain of a real piercing.

So, just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you have to give up your piercing, (unless your doctor tells you otherwise) you can change the style to something more like the picture.  There are many styles of maternity jewelry on the market now. 

Wear one and show off your baby bump.  Also see Hello Kitty Belly button rings and Using Fake Belly Button Jewellery

these are cute!