How many people only have to hear the word math to make them cringe? Granted, it’s not the easiest subject to learn, and some people never get the hang of it, but most students can, with a little help, learn the basic concepts of this particular subject. Once the difficult areas are identified, teachers sometimes offer extra assistance after class if they have the time. If this isn’t an option, math tutors are available to work with students who are having problems.


Overcrowded classrooms sometimes make learning a particularly hard subject even more difficult. Most students have no desire to stand out in a room of their peers by asking questions, so many times no one notices he or she is having difficulty until assignments are not handed in on time, or that report from the teacher arrives in the mail. In many cases, there are students who virtually slip through the cracks because their teacher simply doesn’t have the time for individual attention.


Math is something that you either have a natural ability for, or you don’t. Most students fall into the latter category, and really have to apply themselves in order to get a passing grade. It is one of the more difficult subjects, but unfortunately, it is a required subject, and you can’t go through school without taking math classes. Some students are actually lost, and have no idea how to go about solving problems, and these are the ones who can really benefit from math tutoring sessions a few times a week.


Some schools, realizing that tutoring can be expensive, are offering free programs after school and on weekends. Teachers who are willing to volunteer their time come to the school to conduct sessions that may include just one or two students who need help. This way, the student gets the assistance he or she needs to attain a better grade, and the financial burden on the parents is eased a bit. Check to see if your school offers such a program. If not, perhaps you could be instrumental in starting one.


Students attending the same school who have excellent grades in math may be willing to come to your home to tutor your child. Check with the school to see if they have a list of such students who are offering tutoring sessions for a small fee. This may be an excellent option for you if your child is willing to have someone from his or her own class help them out. Many times, however, they are too embarrassed to let anyone in their age group know that they need help, so your only option would be to hire a tutor outside the school system.


Tutoring can be conducted online, and your child can study and learn right from home. He or she would log on to the site as per scheduled, and the math tutor would develop a program with his or her individual needs in mind. Each session would consist of a question and answer period, homework assignments that would have to be completed before the next session, and a review of materials that are pertinent to the particular grade. Progress reports would be made to the parents, and also to the teacher if need be. A lot of students find this much more comfortable than sitting face-to-face with their tutor, and seem to participate more willingly.


It is important that the teacher give regular status reports to the parents of the child who is being tutored. Improvement in the classroom and better grades being achieved means that the tutoring is working and should be continued as long as it is needed. Some students only need a little help for a short period of time, while others benefit from long-term sessions. The grades will tell the story.