What do you get when you add the failed US SOPA and PIPA legislation, throw in the European ACTA and various measures already being implemented in the UK, then get the entire government to pay for the policing? You get the strategy that the Canadian government agency CIPC, (the Canadian IP Council,) plans on using to curb online copyright infringement, and protect their citizens online presence.

Covering All Their Bases

A report recently released by the CIPC outlined their upcoming strategy in the war on internet freedom, piracy. The details of the report show that the CIPC will be attempting to pass in the Canadian Parliament several pieces of work, some of which are:

  1. Introduce and pass a Canadian Version of the SOPA/PIPA legislation.
  2. Completely implement ACTA, which has been repeatedly rejected by at least 4 countries in Europe.
  3. Criminalize intellectual property theft.
  4. Establishes a system for authorities to perform data searches without warrants or judicial oversight.
  5. Creates a government subsidy (IP Enforcement,) to pay for the measures mentioned here, and many others that are yet to come.

How Will Canadians Take This

If the uprising against the anti-circumvention laws that was recently felt is any kind of an indicator, the citizenry of Canada aren’t going to like this at all. Much supposition on the internet is that the laws will never be placed in full effect, and the fact is, if they are all implemented Canada will become the most repressive government on the planet where the internet is concerned. Another bad selling point is that Canadians aren’t very fond of the idea of foreign entities and corporations pressuring their government.

What About The Cutting And Slashing

One popular online writer made that statement that these measures aren’t anticipated to go far because, “The Canadian government is making more cuts than a series of slasher movies.” And this is an unequivocal fact. In the last couple of years the Canadian government has made a series of painful cuts including cuts to their famous border guard. In fact, with the upcoming slash and hack sessions that are anticipated in Parliament it is a safe bet that the CIPC will only get a perfunctory hearing, and minimal consideration…their lawmakers have much bigger fish to fry for the Canadian public than these unpopular privacy killing measures.

Keep Your Private Matters Private

Looking at the recent global attempts at controlling internet privacy and what we can see and do, it doesn’t take a huge leap to come to the understanding that the “powers that be” are already watching your every move on the internet. At this point, the only real way to insure that your privacy is fully protected is to use proxies, or VPN’s. Using a VPN the only thing a government or agency would get is a garbled mess that could take up to months to decrypt. To find out more about keeping your privacy protected, VPNReviewz.com has a mountain of educational material, reviews, and news on this quickly expanding industry.