Wedding speeches go hand in hand with any wedding. After the big ceremony, a reception typically follows. As tradition takes shape, a majority of the people involved in the wedding party (as well as parents of the bride and groom) usually give a speech to reflect on the lives of the bride and groom and to also congratulate them in their new journey together.

If you're the matron of honor in an upcoming wedding, chances are that you'll need to give a wedding speech. But, what if you don't know what to say? Maybe you don't even know how to write a wedding speech or are nervous to stand up in front of everyone and speak? If this sounds like you, don't worry - writing and giving a wedding speech is a lot easier than you may think. In fact, I'll show you how.

Matron of honor speeches usually address the bride. You'll share funny stories or other memorable moments that you and the bride had together. You'll also touch on her new journey into the future with her life partner and finally end the speech congratulating the bride and her now-husband. With those things taken into play, here are some tips on how to craft your wedding speech:

The Intro

You'll want to start off the speech by introducing who you are in relation to the bride (a sister, aunt, sister-in-law, friend, cousin, etc). Mention how you know the bride and give a brief history about your relation to her.

The Content of the Speech

Here is where your speech will have the most substance. This is where you can share funny stories about you and the bride. You can also add in various jokes and one-liners here. Anything that you feel is memorable and important to the bride you should share here.

The Ending - Closing Statement

You'll want to close out your wedding speech by congratulating the bride and her husband. Usually quotes and other one-liners work well here, especially for the last thing you say, as it will help your speech more memorable.

The above tips are just a general outline to follow when writing your matron of honor speech. Another thing to consider - keep the speech around 3 to 5 minutes in length. By staying within this time window, you'll be able to say the things you want to say without losing the audiences attention and also keeping respect for the other speakers who have to share their speech as well.

Follow these tips above and make sure to practice your speech before the big day. The more you practice it, the more confident you'll be. Don't fret about it - and remember to have fun. That's what a wedding is all about!