I get asked several times a month which tiles are best for a kitchen floor. My firsts with both types of tile. You really need to sit down in your kitchen and really predict how each type of tile would look. Think about the colour scheme in your kitchens as this could affect which material would look better. For example, if you have black kitchen cabinets, then a black marble may accent them better. Or if you have a kitchen island in a light brown or beige, a travertine tile could finish the room perfectly. Here is a guide I have developed to distinguish between the two types of tile, matt Vs. glossy.

Matt Tiles

A beautiful looking tile which shouldn’t need as much looking after to maintain its new look.  However, they are much more porous than polished or glossy tiles. So be aware, if you’re prone to accidently dropping a pots of food or cups of coffee, a matt tile is far less forgiving and you may find yourself on your hands and knees wishing they were glossy.  They are also more venerable to scratching and scuffing.  On a plus side they look incredibly natural and can really change the feel of vintage kitchens or Mediterranean kitchen designs.  I have been witness to arguments that matt tiles do not need half as much cleaning as glossy tiles, but on the other hand matt tiles takes twice as long to get clean. When they are wet they are considerably less slippery which is great if you have kids.

Glossy tiles

A glossy tile can transform kitchens into very modern or sleek kitchens without trying too hard. The location of your kitchen and where the sun falls on it can affect the properties of a glossy tile.  It can reflect sunlight and change the look of your kitchen throughout the day naturally. With that in mind the reflections can have the appearance of making the room look larger. Unfortunately this all comes with a price, cleaning. They seem to gather a lot more smears after cleaning, so regular cleaning is in order. As mentioned before they are more prone to slips. If you do decide to tile your kitchen with glossy do yourself a favour and purchase about 5 tiles too many. This will become clear after you drop you’re first cup or plate on them. Cracking is inevitable eventually. To close, there really is no answer to this question, it’s all about personal preference. I can only guide you on the pro’s and con’s between matt Vs glossy tiles. View some showrooms and get a feel for the different types, you will eventually fall on one side of the fence in your decision. Ultimately, if you keep a fairly regular maintenance schedule, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about either type. I hope this has been some help and as always, enjoy taking one more step to building your dream kitchen.