If you're interested in the Matthew McConaughey workout, and how you can get a body like his – then this article was written with you in mind. Specifically, we're going to talk about who Matthew McConaughey is, what his workout consists of, and how he "bulks up" for movies. By the time you have finished reading, you will know about some of the steps he takes to keep himself looking lean and atheletic, as well as his methods for bulking up for certain action movies.

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Firstly, Matthew McConaughey is known for having one of the most-loved body's in Hollywood. He has often been snapped showing off his body on the beach, although he hasn't always played the typical action-man role in his movies.

Matthew McConaughey isn't usually a regular gym goer, either – which comes as a surprise to many people. Instead, he used callisthenic and bodyweight exercises to stay in shape and maintain his look. With motivation and discipline, you too can get a body like this, without having to live inside the gym. Exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, running, swimming and cycling all help to keep him lean and strong – without having to spend hours lifting weights and using expensive equipment in the gym.

However, certain movie roles have required Matthew McConaughey to bulk up, as his usual workout routine only serves to keep him looking lean and fit. To bulk up for movies, one of the things he does is use a technique called "supersets". This is a way of doing two different exercises, one after the other, without resting in between.

This is a quick way of working out – but it's also highly intense on your muscles, and helps to develop and grow them. Some of the other benefits to this training method include: reduced chance of injury, and not having to use heavy weights in the gym.

The Supersets technique allows him to intensify his usual bodyweight exercises, so they not only serve the purpose of keeping him lean, but also allow for muscle growth.

To summarize, this article has given you a few insights into the Matthew McConaughey workout. In particular, we talked about who Matthew McConaughey is, what his usual day-to-day workout consists of, and how he bulks up for certain movie roles. Now that you have finished reading, you should know a little more about the effort and discipline required to get a body like Matthew McConaughey.