Solid and Sleek: Matthews Compound Bows

When it comes to your bows, compound or otherwise, there are things you look for when purchasing them. In such cases, think Matthews's compound bows. You would not want your bow to weigh too much, as lugging a heavy bow around can be tiring and awkward. Yet, you want it to have enough power behind it to be able to really land that prize buck or whatever else you are busy hunting. Speed, power and a good size so that you are not playing a balancing act as well as hunting are all crucial.

Among the many companies producing and selling compound bows, Matthews strives to be even better. Matthews's compound bows are leading among consumers, and rated highly among its various competitors. With strength and speed, along with innovative features but mostly a focus to detail, Matthews's compound bows are strong favorites with hunters.

Pushing out several popular models, there are some that encompass the company's drive for perfection and success:


Among the various Matthews compound bows, the Monster is one of the most popular. It is rated as being the fastest bow with its quick dual cam system. Its AVS technology (Advanced Vectoring System) is what really makes this bow stand out. A smooth and forgiving bow, with quite a kick behind it, it is quite a powerhouse with a lot to offer to its users.


Another Matthews's compound bow that is as popular with female hunters as it is with their male counterparts. Its being heavier and longer than some bows, combined with its brace height creates a deadly accuracy that can forgive the user quite easily. Exceptionally smooth and quiet in its firing, its weight and height that could almost be seen as awkward is exactly what works for it in this regard. With its various own features like the Harmonic Damping System, which reduces the vibration put on the hunter, cup systems that are up to date and sleek shape, it still remains very popular among the hunting community.


Ranking as another top favorite among Matthews compound bows, the Outback is regarded as a sleek and easily-managed bow. With a smooth pull, even at higher weights, it is easier to manage to get more power behind the arrows without the expense of too much to pull. It features a high performance cam (including an 'inertia disc') to reduce violent recoil and help put more speed to the bows itself. Lightweight at just over four pounds and attractive in appearance as well in performance, it's a solid bow.

As it is, every hunter should be proud and comfortable, as well as confident in their choice of bow. When choosing from any number of Matthews's compound bows, no matter what model and make, whether it be the ones included here, or any of the other number of compound bows they make, you can be all of those things. Matthews's compound bows take the company's attention to detail and high quality into consideration with each of the products released. When thinking of compound bows, Matthew's is one of the first that come to mind in the world of hunters and for good reason.