There are numerous types of mattresses available in the market today, but there are two types of beds that are very popular among consumer: latex foam and memory foam. These two types of cushions are very similar in various ways, but they also have very distinct differences. If you are looking into getting a new bed and you are considering which of these two types is better, you must be able to differentiate their features, materials, and characteristics. This article offers a comprehensive comparison between latex foam and memory foam mattresses.

Latex Foam And Memory Foam: An Overview

A memory foam mattress is layered with a memory foam comfort on top of a regular foam core. It is known for its delayed, form-fitting reaction which contours to the body shape, and it also leaves an indentation after you get up. In addition, it also reacts to your body heat; thus, it can evenly distribute your weight on the entire bed.

The latex form mattress, on the other hand, is relatively similar to memory foam as it offers the same support and durability; however, it does not conform to the body shape as much as the memory foam and it doesn't leave a noticeable impression when you get off. With this type of bed, you will feel less hot, and you will find it much easier to change position.

The latex foam is known for its durability and health aspects; while the memory foam is known for its ability to provide comfort and relief from body pains. If you want to learn more about the differences between the two cushions, you need to consider some of these factors.

Determine The Comfort Levels Of Each Cushion

Both of the cushions are considered soft but offer enough spinal support. Additionally, the two beds also conform to the contours of the body shape which results to acceptable pain relief due to minimized pressure points. While the two cushions offer the same comfort level when lying down, there are important differences to take note of.

For one, the memory foam tends to offer a melting and cloud-like sensation as compared to the latex foam. This type of bed is also more sensitive to temperature changes. This means that this cushion will become firmer when the temperature is low and softer when the temperature is high. This feature can provide excellent support but it can also result to a sinking sensation; thus changing position on the mattress slightly uncomfortable.

The latex foam tends to provide a springy senstaion and it has a rubbery feature. It also tends to be firmer and more solid. It is also less sensitive to temperature changes which make it easier to change position when lying on this cushion.

Compare The Foam's Ability To Provide Pain Relief And Spine Support

Both of the cushions offers excellent pain relief, but memory foam is slightly more advantageous. This cushion has a higher density which is better in terms of pain relief since it shapes more strongly to the body contours as compared to latex which can result to better spine support.

The latex and memory foam are two of the best types of mattresses you can choose from. If you are confused as to which type of bed to get, you must consider not only their similarities but also their differences and choose which one suits your needs.