Urine Stain Protection

A urine stain in a mattress is difficult to remove.  It’s not like you can toss the mattress into the washing machine when this occurs.  If you thought a heavy towel on spin cycle made a racket, image what a 50-60 lb wet mattress would sound like.  In addition, not only children have bed wetting issues.  Let’s be adults about this topic and recognize that your elderly Dad may not have the same level of bladder control at age 70 that he had at 40 years old.  At age 40 guys seems to develop this “2:00AM gotta pee” alarm that is annoying and wakes you up abruptly in the middle of the night, not to mention your partner, as you stumble out of bed and cuss on the way to the nightlight glowing restroom.  By age 70, my Dad tells me it only gets worse as you don’t always wake up quickly enough to tend to matters. It can be especially embarrassing when staying at a family’s place during the Holidays and tripping over a piece of furniture that doesn’t exist in your own home, but is strategically placed in the pathway to the relief room.  A kicked end table or jacket rack followed by a loud “what the h…” will stir the entire house.  A yelp to the Almighty at 2:00AM while limping down a dark hallway to relieve yourself will likely draw an unwelcomed audience upon to your plight.
Quality Mattress Pad ProtectionMattress pad covers have been around for years, but not all work well.  The older mattress pads were simply a thick pad to absorb wetness.  Okay for a 5 month old with a tiny bladder, but not okay for a sick 12 year old child that vomits carrots or a 70 year old man who embarrassingly loses bladder control at midnight.  These older type pads absorb “most” of the wetness, but not all.  A little pee still smells as bad as a gallon of asparagus soup!
Temporary Solution

Another “temporary solution” that is attempted is to place a plastic garbage bag under the sheets in hopes of creating a “water-free” barrier.  Now tell me truthfully, who likes to feel like they’re sleeping in a dumpster when visiting a relative for the weekend?   Would a young 8 year old girl feel welcomed at Aunt Lucy’s if, each time she arrived, she had to sleep in a bed that sounded like the trash being carried out?  Try explaining to your Grandfather with grace that you bought a new mattress and that you’ve lined it with Hefty-Hefty Cinch Sacks for “his protection” prior to his arrival.  Protecting him from what, drowning?  You’d be better off telling him you prefer he stays at a local hotel because the truth is you’re too cheap to buy an inexpensive, good quality, mattress cover for your new purchase and guest.

Cost is a factor, but you may be surprised to know that good quality mattress covers cost less than $30.  When considering that most new deep pocketed mattresses cost over $500 these days, it’s a small insurance item to protect your investment.  The better quality mattress covers will last 10+ years and can be washed weekly without deteriorating or losing their protection barrier.  This is consistent with the industry standard for mattress quality and warranty offered.


If you are considering buying a mattress cover, buy one that accommodates a deep pocketed mattress, has a protective membrane, and comes with a 10 year warranty.  Additionally, consider purchasing a separate mattress pad that to go over the mattress cover for user comfort.  Both will be washable and combined will provide protection and comfort.  Then relax when your favorite niece or grandfather stays for the weekend.

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